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Susan Kelley

Right to Work for less gives no advantage to the worker or to the state. It is a foolish and demeaning approach to the people of the state.

bryce eno

We don't want right to work it will do no good for Wisconsin

leslie baker

This right to work bill cannot be pasted, if it does it's the end of Wisconsin! People don't understand that unions effect their lives even if they're nonunion or union. Without unions how much would they be making at their jobs? Unions set the wage presidents which all companies must follow! The republican rats that are pushing this bill do not care about Wisconsin in the least! They only care about their own pockets people! Wake up before its to late people! There is only one difference between the rat pack and Isis! Isis Slits throats every once in a while, where Walker and the rat pack slits Wisconsinites throats every single day!!!

Rozanna Bejin

Employees in RTW states earn less money! Research shows it. The morale of WI citizens is being destroyed by Scott Walker and his Tea Party's dishonest approach to politics in WI. Look at this RTW legislation being pushed through in a week's time. Why such stealth and secrecy? What happened to open, honest political discussions in our state? What happen to the two-party system of working together and compromising for the good WI's citizens? We need WI Republicans to recognize Walker is NOT a Republican. Walker is Tea Party. Walker represents large corporations, the Koch Brothers, and Citizens United, the upper 1%. Fitzgerald said he wants the RTW bill brought to vote quickly ---before WI citizens and unions can organize to protest. That does NOT sound like Democracy to me. WI's Democrats and Republicans need to come together and protest and get the Tea Party politics out of our great state. If we do not protest now, then when?


Whenever I wanted a raise, I went to management and asked for it. I was always told what I had to do to earn more money, and it wasn't dependant on some dude with a crooked nose to speak for me while he skimmed my paycheck.
I do understand why people in the bottom 10% of the gene pool need unions, Leslie's post speaks for itself. Try spell check and grammer check Leslie.

Debra Rutkowski

Having a Right to Work State, does not entice businesses to our State. Right to Work only benefits companies/ businesses and share holders that are all ready here. What it really does is take away bargaining rights, lowers wages, benefits, and working conditions not just for union workers. But for all Wisconsin workers.


Hey "Tax", your so proud to be a union basher, you won't use your real name.
As for you getting a raise, if union shops cease to exist your boss will tell you, why the hell should you get a raise? Comparable shops pay has gone down, your lucky to have a job. Of course I doubt you have a skilled job anyway. You could also be a dues objector who refuses to pay the national portion of the dues and there fore gets no vote in the union. I'm sure when this passes you'll stop paying all together, yet you'll be the first one crying to the union to represent you because by law they still have to.

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