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Irene @ Greg Lalonde

Mr potato head is clearly in the pocket of money.. But then he was re elected... I was totally shocked at that. MAYBE IT IS a good idea to know who is backing these candidates. This country is being stripped of life as we have known it including decency and good will by the likes of politicians like this. It is time to dump them and get the country back on track for the people who are hard working decent people.

Thomas Horonzy

A person's advancement whether by position or pay should be based on what they do to "earn it" not over negotiations using threats, strong armed tactics and political purchase.

Jim Griffin

Gov. Walker's spot-on.

Michael Rose

Maybe next time you will all get off your butts and vote this ass out of office. If you don't vote you don't get to complain. Apologies for all that DID vote...

mark mullikin

Jim griffin you are an idiot..if walker had his way child labor laws would be repealed and people would be working for pennies an hour.There is a reasons why unions were formed..to protect workers from corporations who use their money to get favorable laws passed for their companies. Being union does make you lazy or mean you don't work hard...it makes you smart

leigh dasinger

He plans to run for president. This is really how he feels about those who disagree with him. This is what is wrong with the GOP overall and if they retain power we will wind up with a faux democracy. We will be like China and kept on short leashes and under strict govt control. Those who rock the boat will be imprisoned or just disappear. You had better start taking extraordinary measures to get people who dont vote to he polls while votes still count. We also need to do something about gerrymandering.


Another Koch whore. We have Kasich in Ohio, another Koch whore. Money buying elections. Wake up and do your research America!


Being a veteran myself I don't feel insulted by his statement. Sam Yankel I will be waiting for your a apology for you thinking you represent me.

John Baker

Trade Unions and Nazi Germany

When Hitler came to power in January 1933, he saw trade unions as exercising more power over the workers than he could. Therefore, trade unions were seen as a challenge to be dispensed with. Hitler knew that he needed the workers to be on his side but he could not allow trade unions to exert the potential power they had. Therefore, trade unions were banned in Nazi Germany and the state took over the role of looking after the working class.

I am not saying Scott Walker is a Nazi or a Fascist, but there are some similarities. Unions in the U.S. have always been a positive force for the middle class, and I have never been a member of a union, but I support their efforts, even with their warts.

Rich Neumann

LeeRiy: I, too, am a veteran (Korean War) and Walker insulted not only me, but several of my friends who didn't make it back from that war. Walker has never been in the military, so he does not know anything about what the military does .. and comparing ISIS (carrying AK-47's) to peaceful protestors (carrying protest signs) is the epitomy of stupidity. And, John Baker ... thanks for the history lesson for those who have no idea of the history of the U.S. It seems like Walker is repeating history ... he certainly didn't learn his lessons well during his short time at Marquette.

 Daryl  Sauerwald

Speaking as a Republican,I'd like to say that the GOP has reduced it tactics to nothing other then demonizing and dehumanizing its opposition and are very dependent on logical fallacies and semantics. They send out a message of stupidity,hate,and anti americanism. I will be leaving them soon.


You're welcome


Kathleen Wood

I am a former Wis resident but left the state when you became Gov of my beautiful former state You have shown in just about every bill you signed that you do not care about the Hard working tax paying residents of Wis But comparing those hardworking people to terrorist is so So WRONG It is contemptuous You should be so ashamed HOW Dare you these people are owed an apology remember they pay your LEGAL salary


Well now Scotty has 'street creds' so he join in and play with the big boys and girls. His statement was disgusting

Tim O'Keefe

Have any of you knuckleheads noticed how your property taxes have remained relatively stable since Governor Walker was elected? Try as you might - he has overcome your pathetic attempts to recall him 2x. I too am a Veteran and don't need anyone stating that he or she represents me. WI is thriving under the leadership of Govenor Walker.


Tim O'Keefe....I have noticed that wages haven't gone up either. I've also noticed that property values haven't risen. Where are the jobs he promised? You support an idiot.


We are not a "democracy", we are a "representative republic".

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