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Anything for buses in Appleton or green bay area


How about buses from sheboygan!


Are there any shuttle buses in Madison?


Shuttles in Madison? What about a list of park n rides with the routes in? I'm a country kid, can't understand that mass-transit website for the life of me.

vicci Hubbard

West Bend/Germantown area?

Diane H. Fabian

Can only be there in the spirit of (deep) opposition to RTW. My hope is that, one day, there will be a discussion about how RTW is simply an extension of our workfare policies that, reportedly, some 80% of middle classers support. Is there any chance that this generation will grasp that poor people aren't a separate species from another planet, but are ordinary working class people who no longer have jobs? Our own past shows how and why it won't be possible to stop the "war on workers" as long as we maintain this disconnect between the poor and middle class.


Pennie, almost all the bus routes in Madison go downtown to the square. Just make sure you are on the right side of the street to catch the bus. From out of town my suggestion would be to hop on at one of the main transfer points.

Dan Tortorice

What Saturday? You didn't put down a date!


Let's make it every Saturday until we see a shift in thinking that shows our governor in a less favorable light to the nation.

Conservative Poster

I'm assuming the busses are headed a cross the border to Illinois??

Not a "conservative poster".

Oh, look a conservative douche.

Scott Lovrine

Laborers Union in Madison has been running shuttles from their hall. Their number is 608-244-6400


Call customer service at Metro Transit for bus routes. They will tell u where u need to be at what time. You can take a six right from the East Towne Mall all the way too the capital. One bus straight there.

Dori Knoff

When will these buses go over the next few weeks??

I heard about these too late..otherwise Id be on one of them today..


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