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Jan K

Is that his grave?


You people are a joke! That is the stupidest most backwards way of thinking I have ever seen. Do you people actually have a brain, ore does the hack union boss being paid five times what you are making actually tell you when it is okay to think. I know thinking for yourself is off limits in most union circles and maybe all you understand is brute force, but what your lame union doesn't get is that it is precisely that attitude that will get Ealker re elected!


Any moron talking about it being his grave should get some balls and actually make a real threat. You are a pussy if you hide behind crap like that.

Barb W.

we can only hope.


Union boss making 5 times what yoy do ? Let's try and make a fact based argument turd blossom , any member will tell you our " boss' s" make 10 - 20% over top scale , for that they work 10-30 more hours a week and countless homework helping to make even tea baggers like yourself enjoy a safer and balanced day at work, try to think for yourself and research before commenting and just repeating Hannity's talking points. CHUMP

Stephen Sylvester

Walker is a Union busting thug. He and his RTW cronies want to destroy the workplace advances fought for by the Unions, and take us back to when people regularly died on the job, and made starvation wages. Any working person who votes Republican is a traitor to working people.


Backwards way of thinking? Hundreds if not thousands of years of people digging holes have come to a standard where it is "believed" to be safe, and where it is not safe. This isn't a political issue, it's someone violating the mandated guidelines set down for their own safety. Now, if that person is preaching about safety while violating basic human experience, that comes across as pretty ignorant.

Dennis Qaters

Look at the ladder its upside down you can see the feet on ladder and the rounds are not flat.

David Groh

Walker just does not know anything about work. He thinks working people are overpaid.


@Rutherford where do you get your stats? Please do share. You are ignorant, misguided, and midinformed.


I'd like to shake walker's hand. If only to see how soft it is. he's gotten every thing in life due solely to family connections and has never had to work hard or with integrity his entire life.. Safety is no joke. I've personally seen someone get a finger ripped off on the job and have had relatives maimed and killed on the job. Walker has no idea what he's doing at the bottom that hole and is lucky he didn't hurt himself doing something stupid.

Randy B.

Barb W (ith?) is a real obsessed dirtbag. But then again, so are most union turds and activists who have no real jobs other than professional whining.

I don't even feel bad I killed two idiot union construction workers who stupidly stepped right out into my path. Why? Because their union brothers almost attacked me when I pulled over after striking their idiot co-workers in the highway.

I said I'm carry a concealed weapon and they still came at me and I showed them it... they stopped like the bitches they are when confronted with someone who can take on their stupid mob. Cops came and union idiots tried to lie as they hauled the carcasses off the freeway. I have a dashcam which showed they stepped out right into my path.

Union-mentality idiots... hopefully they'll all wind up in the same morgue I sent those two bozos.

robert mclaughlin

Randy B you need to be in a body bag you you murdering low life

Voting for Walker AGAIN

What a bunch of cry baby fucking idiots. You people make me SICK.


Once again I see people who talk union boss this , Union boss that. The union is its members not some guys in a building somewhere. Unions have been losing membership since the 80's, and the middle class is dropping its worth at the same time. If you hate unions and consider yourself middle class, be careful what you hope for because its happening everyday. The growing income gap shows it.

sheila miller

This article sure went somewhere else. How does stating a fact about safety go to bring out murderers, hatred, ect. Let's just stick to the facts, " the article". Either you agree or.you don't. Stop all this talk.


Sheila is right. I lost a great friend to a trench cave in. This example of unsafe pratice needs to be called out.


Vote Scott Walker 2014!!!!

P.s. union workers really do complain about anything & everything. I feel bad for them.

Anonymous Worker

In a study going back to 1998, (as far back as data collection goes on this particular subject area), OSHA concluded that;
1.) All jobs sites where even 1 worker in 1,000 was a member of a Union, that job site would be tallied as a "Union job" - 1 in ONE THOUSAND, and still it debits to the Union side of the safety ledger.
2.) ONLY job sites that were staffed by 100% non-Union workers were debited to that side of the safety ledger.

A worker is SEVEN TIMES more likely to be killed or injured on a non-Union job site, than on a Union job site.
Why the disparity?
1.) Non-Union job sites DE-emphasize safety over increased productivity and fail to provide safety equipment for workers or hazard zones on the work site.
2.) Non-Union contract bidders often cut corners on safety to underbid Union contractors. They make a cold, calculated, decision to place workers' safety and health behind profits for themselves.
3.) Non-Union employers do not invest in safety education for their workers, considering it an unnecessary expense.

As for fat, overpaid, lazy Union bosses - I can only speak from my personal experiences in a Carpenters Union local in the Midwest, where the scale wage is around $32/hour with an additional $11/hour in benefits.

The International president of the Carpenters Union makes in the neighborhood of less than $400,000 + expenses. FAR less than even than an average Wall St. broker who's never done a day's labor in his life. FAR less than even a CEO of a corporation employing a few hundred or a couple thousand workers, not the HALF MILLION men & women in the Carpenters Union.

A Local Union officer makes' $160/month for being elected Chairperson or $100/month for being elected Vice-chairperson, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Warden, or Conductor.
ELECTED, not appointed, by his or her Union brothers and sisters.
When was the last time a Non-Union worker got to ELECT his or her business official(s)?

A Union Organizer or Business Agent - those "Union Bosses" everyone in ignoramus-land LOVES to rant about - goes through a rigorous 3-day evaluation session to select the best available candidates for the positions from a field of candidates open to anyone who wishes to apply for the job.
Over 3 days, they are evaluated on every aspect the job would require, by a 12-15 person panel assembled from members of Locals all over the United States, specifically for that assessment purpose.
Those hired receive a salary of about 20% over Union scale - about $40/hour here, or as much as $88,000/year with expenses, based on a 2,500 hour working year, (50 weeks x 50 hours/week).

Job Supervisors receive 10% over scale, or about $35/hour here, or $70,000/year (50 weeks x 45 hours/week).
They would be our direct "Union Bosses" on the job sites.

As a Union working stiff, I get to come in at 7 AM and go home at 3:30 PM - so I can call up my "Union Bosses" at 6:30 at night - when they've finally driven home from 90 miles out in the tulips - to bitch about whatever it is that bugged me at work that day.

Oh, yes, those "Union Bosses" are fat, lazy, stupid, and overpaid.
Almost as fat, lazy, stupid, and overpaid, as the people bitching about them, who work for peanuts, (20% less than a Union worker in a similar profession), and have to work in unsafe conditions SEVEN TIMES more likely to get them killed or maimed.


I'm pretty sure I'm not fat, lazy, stupid or overpaid & I sure as hell isn't part of any union.

However, I do make a good wage but thats because people get paid more when they out perform others & have quality work which is why I've doubled my salary.

My work that is non-union also has a full time safety coordinator; as well as a safety team so don't bother saying non-union workplaces aren't safe.


Some of these comments at nucking futs
A few facts
Non union jobs have a higher injury and fatality rate.
Digging your own grave is not a threat it's an industry phrase about improper trenching which is proven deadly
The dude proud to have killed a couple non union workers
You realize you took someone's dad someone's brother someone's son...and your proud of it???
Can you list some details of your accident.
Mainly your name and address




It's really telling all these anti-union posts are all in RAGE CAPS and filled with goofy attacks of being 'lazy' or 'pussy' about life experiences they have nothing to relate to.

The most dangerous thing these anti-union people may do in their entire life is step up near the top of a ladder while trying to change a light bulb. Leave your dumb assumptions at the door.

These workers have much more dangerous jobs than your national police officer, with higher rates of injury and fatality. Get a clue. They know the value of safety as they are constantly dealing with BASIC PHYSICS in which thousands of pounds of force may suddenly find itself on the human body and crumple it accordingly.


I am a union worker that started off working non union. and it is a choice. I don't see what all this BS is about. The facts are the facts and what is shown in this picture if wrong and unsafe, union or not. Every working person out there is working for one thing only, and that is to put food on the table, clothes on our backs, and a roof over our heads. So why is everyone in an uproar over union verses non-union? Before people go out blurting out what they think are facts about each, maybe you should do some research first. There is a good reason why union employees make more and typically have better benifits and that is in park why I chose to work union. They are lazy people in the unions, yes. There are also lazy people that work non union. The bosses make more money than the union employes, the bosses make more than the non uion employees. Were are all the same people. But I foud out that working union the wages are better, health insurance is better, retirement fund is a TON better, and we have someone standing behind us if there is an issue, fighting for a better quality of life, safer work environments, etc. If you are in a non union environment, the upper management makes all those choices for you and you have to say. Like I said, it's a personal choice.

unions are a joke

I will personally laugh my ass of when Walker stays as governor and the Progtards of the Left implode one more level.

This union boss is an idiot, as is the unions as a whole. You have outlived yourselves in an ever-shrinking organization only to get new recruits who are either retarded or have no other way out.

How much is this union boss' salary you all pay for? Remember the Twinkie? It shut down because the pigs who were the bosses wanted more money, and of the 55 "corporate members", each one received >$200,000 per year to do nothing. Just like the Steal-work-erzzzz.

Thanks for ruining this country through screaming for more money. I worked in a foundry when I was younger. It is hard back-breaking work and I eventually left for a high tech job, by MOTIVATING MYSELF.

This union boss screaming about the "safety" is a joke. Maybe it would have been better if there were five union pukes standing around, doing nothing (as usual), then taking a 45 minute smoke and blunt break before their nap. All of course at rates of what lawyers would charge.


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