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The poise that the woman cans see is done with unseen content basal.

"Are these guys really recklessly and blindly do, really think that the big summer clansmen is what mire kneads?"

"Crushing under foot iron shoe didn't find place and got all a fee achievement not

The squad is all long the noodles worry a color now and silently have no language ground chair that sits under the hall up.The air that suddenly sees four squads that the Du fly into, is led by pure Huang growing to peep out to set free in succession, but rather Peng still one face sorrow the color ground hope to the Du fly.

Dream son according to immediately got red in the face, sealed to traverse helpless.See come to this counterfeit spoilt daughter of a rich family is can't do anything of, hence way:"Have a flint?"

"BE?"Hope to fix attention on ex-"key link hand from beautiful", the Du flew to smile to smile, but didn't connect words.

Most pathetic of BE:All of his the whole things all turned into naught for an instant here.

Two men and women who just completed important event naked so in the office of embrace each other to slowly delineate a future fine life.

Once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting mind of metre-once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting

The jade is to return to room at the male, however Lin Mu Xue still more strange leaf cloud Qian why want the jade kick out at the male of, however just leaf cloud at the time that Qian began she didn't also open mouth eh and waited jade at the male leave she just ask a way:"Small Qian, otaku why not was the ability here?"

Ao snow it sees Mu in Kai Jui-ho permit a sky temporarily formation refuse to budge of power to not much many money of distance:"Fatty, you permit to kick out that Kai Rui a bureau for Mu and remember, safety is up!"Money promises more one more after toe 1:00, imitate a quickly passing time sort facing Kai Rui hurtle.Ao snow wanted to think again the opponent hold the Li Li of longbow to say:"Li Li, your attention orders three Dou privates in the other parties, once discovering that someone wants to help Kai Rui to immediately snipe with all strength."The Li Li ordered a head, the bow and arrow in the hand slowly turned to the surroundings of Kai Rui.


"Before never the opportunity hard once saw, it is a good opportunity to pour this time."

But we did not find any sign of Stapleton.We searched andsearched without success.There is no doubt that he lost hisway in the fog,and sank in the marsh Somewhere,deep down,his body lies to this day.

After seeing ground a fire monster the Jing swallowing the Rong Yan that oneself sends out, that huge fire snake is also extremely shocked, as the living creature that owns strong strength, it by instinct felt extremely strong crisis feeling!Fire snake body fiercely and backward one Yang, close behind its body like blow breath a sort to quickly inflate, the originally long thin body became a globosity in the blink of an eye, this and the underneath that wildfire ball knot put together to see, absolutely is like a bottle gourd that pours to put!

"The affair preached?"These pupils all flow cloud territory in of most first floor, although also went up left Feng,also just shout in the outer circle and several voice, really don't know concrete circumstance.It be still quite a few people to think that Du's flying has already preached now.

See own guess exactitude, the Du flies indeed as expected amiable manner, in Chen Jing Xin a loose, start devoting ground to start to explain in detail the situation nowadays.

"Shout."That redest lighting flies to the airship one side after, tiny one deadlock, imitate Buddha at recognize what, pressed forward with indomitable will ground to hurtle into airship later on inner part.

"You are a bounty hunter?"Hear the explanation that the Du flies, the elder sister hasn't come yet and talk, but the younger sister of her bosom explores to has a body and have some to want to approach but again to don't dare ground to say:"You are a bounty hunter?Is magic slice of in play of so, depend to hunt to kill the bounty hunter whom the blood-sucking vampire exchanges tip to servant?"

The chapter 4 monster person makes reprisals(up)

The orchid degree pointed to point that box son, gold small progressive white his meaning, immediately grasped that box son to come over.Just on commencing, the gold was small to draw to engrave feel that the life strength of the surge fluxion is among that box son!That strength is weak but tough and resilient, imitate a Buddha one Wang clear water, moisten creation.

"Waiting will seek a house for me, these days of I will live here.When the time comes they if don't believe, I then make them believe!"Listen to the idea of sounding out that a small male respect a farmland words inside, Du the flying lightly gave him 1 to reply and immediately let the small male respect farmland noodles now happy expression.

e best love is to love others unconditionally rather than make demands on them;Remember, the best love existence in better than to the other people's love to seeking of other people this up;


The suggestion of boon space, purchased speed and defense all small scaled empty boat"space beautiful sand" is a little bit on the average.

?"See the facial expression of a Yang Yang of dog son, a bit tiny angry in the wave green heart, again repeated her problem 1 time.

"Huang Gui Yue?"The Xiao war smells speech one Leng, immediately for the explanation way, " I know, I this wound be return crane to compare force to result in with his senior of, however Huang Gui Yue is still a ground of rank peak, not a member of concealed alliance now."

Red light, a long time just helplessly shook to shake head:"Still won't do, the red light adds of the speed seem than I break of have to be quickly a lot of."

"You of the president of association, afraid of Du to fly be making you disappoint."For Xin Ji's president of association of this expects, Du's flying is very helpless, however he be still crustily the skin of head expressed his own attitude.

"Killed her even if, not be creating unexpected complications."Stare at to catch fire a heap, Xin Bo is a bit dissatisfied of say, however moreover two younger brother Shis was all taken by the words of strange gram of Ci Wei now*, he says so to can not get support.

"You see this Toyota ……"

Heel car Xuan the station and wood Huai come out of monk, don't wish in the original heart, just have to ascend to rise in the east a mainland to look into due to the order of five elders, listen to at the moment the car Xuan station order return to, in succession noodles now happy expression, follow car Xuan the station and wood Huai an onrushing crowdly fly after death to group of islands encampment.

"E?How ……"six green swayed to sway head, have some fans Mangs.

The mother surprisingly calls a way:"Immediately send back money, must be the time that crumples noodles carelessly crumple into.Go at once, depend on a child, go at once!"While telling the bread teacher the mother's words according to child, the bread teacher noodles dew kindly ground says:"Not, my kid, this has no wrong.Is what I put silver coin into small bread inside, I want to praise you.Wish you forever keep such a heart that is peaceful and feel grateful now.Go home and told your mother these money to is yours."She excitedly ran to go home and told the mother this exciting news, this was the repay that the insight of her thanksgiving arrives.

Seal a Ling to immediately feel more pressure, the circumstance like this wants to want than oneself the mess is a lot of, this time can or go out is still an unknown.


That only takes an Ultrasaurus to really have no hard not Cui, because what it contains is few ten thousand yearses of endless energy backlog, that basically isn't the thing that the general means can resist, even if the gold is small to open to open the third eye, if there is no suitable weapon, can not impede at all as well.

Before, the Du flew also once rose gamble amass a fortune of idea, but he at that time vapor trail definitely only have second floor, even really annoy outside squares all can not do it, said nothing of work properly know, can the Xing Xing forget about it.But now, the Du flies not only ability true spirit outside square, can also control the strength of true spirit, and have already worked properly to know help, this casino absolutely became his ATM!But he tonight be come to withdraw money!

Chapter 14 blood test 3(up)

There is a kind of vision always while breaking up, just see BE"love dearly";

Jade at male the Tian write the face is in Lin Mu Xue's forehead kiss say all of a sudden:"Mu snow, I want to execute right on the spot this time you."

All the way kill to the back of the lord building, the Du flies and in astonishment discovers that here unexpectedly have a blood-sucking vampire of marquis Class and in addition still have the quite a few the count and more viscount barons.

"The Du flies a Sir, this is a misunderstanding!"See the Du fly to head for maimed old, armed escort in the door is long to hurriedly rush through to come over to put an explanation between 2 people of way, " Du flies a Sir, this is the Xiao of our grounds to set up servant, Xiao servant, this is the Du that I just notified to fly a Sir."

The Du fly but opened mouth, "just you have already ended this inquiry, so the words wanted to again inquire please a behind to line up.Owing to just our bargains didn't reach, you need not pay EUR 500."

The gold is small to open exultation:"That was really too good!"If there is the help of fire tooth, hereafter can ast least also avoid many dangers.Suddenly think of a matter, ask a way:"You why to here of what the crystal brain seem the appearance that understands very much?Have ever seen before?"

The gold is small to open Leng for a while, way:"Can they surround a lifetime here?"

Start to re- throw the regiment of Jing iron to return to big Ding inside, the Du flies to again release white to work properly burning, however he carefully will work properly burning exportation to slow down a lot this time.

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