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Over there, the foolish Leng that the gold is small to open to cry to lose a face's momentary doesn't know how to is good.

After waiting 2 people to leave wine shop soon, in the wine shop suddenly had a gastronome to yell to throw silver.The Du of ear point flies to hear a silk to ambiguously shout a voice, the corner of mouth is tiny to hang up to have one silk of radian, and the wave is green to naturally stroll to have store down the street.

Back door although the iron gate tightly lock,Be small to open to say to the gold at this time and have already completely done not calculate what.The gold is small to open once the foot make an effort, very light then from are many two meters high of iron gate up jump pass by.

"Is the big fish this time how to arrest?"The light hair beauty saw with great interest one eye the handsome Du fly and walk to him to nearby stretch hand to knead to knead his chest muscle.

Again probed into for a while six very green positions, the Du flew to get her dormitory, then held up a girl who wants into dormitory building, asked a her help to seek for a while***dormitory of six green.

"Zi ……" suddenly a burst of water shoots the voice of cloth slice to ring out in the room calming down Mi, immediately the Du flew to smell a strong urine Sao flavor, let he not from wrinkled up eyebrows, be frightenned the foot urinated the female headwaiter of incontinence to push to open.The working properly of inside that he was just just tiny to try 《Yan absolute being Jue in sky 》 knows oppression, but unexpectatively frightens this some uncanny female headwaiters urinate incontinence, unlucky!

"Shout!"Drive once the major staff officer remind, Carter this just responds to come over, current of they didn't occupy advantage, if the mysterious airship coming embraces inimical words to them, that they doomed this time!

"Boon."See public facial expression in palace, the Du flies a point to nod, the favour laid up Wei to press.Just promoted to diverted expected behind, he still didn't can make vivid from manipulated such as the ground oneself of Wei ability.

The gold is small to open wrinkly knit the brows, way:"Private secret, no comment."

Pass by simple of analysis behind, have already had decision in the summer Huan heart.She finally saw one eye the is personally created by she, the end personally ruin again of world, also have those have been already brought to life and happy life of big summer clansmen, forbid not to live in the heart a burst of painfully sad.

"But the girl returned a " thanks"thus of left, the boy really thought to chat several more with girls, he hasn't sent the girl the gift is once thought a lot" stage dialogue"wanted to say to the girl, can girl so of leave.The boy looking at the girl's figures to slowly disappear at campus in.The boy takes disappointed that the mood also left.When the boy is sad, he received a girl to give out one of his information and is a "thanks" boy even if have what unpleasantness, but still kept peeping out a light smile.No matter how it is say, boy all the hope girl is happy.Boy and girl they are happy in the day of association, but boy each time with girl chat will have puzzling happy feeling, because of their a fondness for/interest homology.Probably they really decree by destiny, know world to so greatly seek a person who can say in the mind words with oneself in fact and combine not much.We probably will miss and always have never met as well …


The gold is small to open is also shocked not small:"If this kind of sign line is to draw on the city wall,

I knew that he needed to be alone to think about all that he had heard.I went out for the day,and came back to find the room full of thick smoke from Holmes'pipe.

"If the important person doesn't know, unless F Mo BE.The world doesn't have the wall of gastight breeze, hereafter give me a little bit more careful."The jade finishes saying at the male no matter some guilty fatty pig weeks direct he or she goes straight up.

"Du elder generation, I some affairs want a processing, can not accompany you to have a meal and hoped that you forgive!" Xiao south mountain of jilt to open, Xiao south cloud returned to body to fly to embrace a boxing way to the Du voice Qian, this just follows anxious Xiao of air south the mountain left hall.

"The opinion talks not up, just your boy had better be a little bit more polite to us, otherwise, hum!"Hear the inquiry that the Du flies, that younger brother immediately the threat ground say.

Black dragon will in of household, the nature can't put clearly bright in the outside, or officer or company, all have the 1 F jacket camouflage.But have no fees to much and strongly annoy, the Du flies and then founded out with the small male respect a farmland for the president's small male financial group, and still had learned that an additional news:Small male respectfully the farmland is going to once every weekends a skill Ji building with 楽 Ting!It is said that he really appreciates the skill there the Ji performs.

If temporarily can not find distance snow they, the gold is small to open to prepare to return to thunder emperor first of Di hole, remit to match persons like little monkey,etc to say again.

"There is still no cloud."The Wei fingerling also announced his/her own opinion and put blame on a way:"Really don't know here there is don't rain exactly."

"Yes, however I am just a common white pastor Pao."The west gram civilly smiled to smile.

"Report, just turned on duty a warrior to shoot~dea a cross the suspicious man of guard line, ask a base to quickly send a hand processing.Complete!"Walk into on duty room to picked up a telephone, beard Anne court loudly to base report way.Come here quick half year, he has been being guarding front door and shoot~dead a suspicious man today and also at last broke vegetarian fast!

"You of the president of association, I am very sorry."The Du flies cool and some helplessly shake.


"This crystal stone is unexpectedly so lousy ……" gold was small to open to whisper a , again start continuing constantly to in throw in a crystal stone.After, a long time's that garbage that is small heap of the crystal stone was all been small by the gold to open to throw in refinement of Ding, finally condense the white crystal stone of a nail cover size!

At public suspect continuous of time the person who sits on the rattan chair suddenly the openings say:"Now that everyone hope so on the coast victory or defeat definitely so this satisfies you."Listen to this orotund positive that day shining on the big of country.Sun Mou sees big absolute being of that so-called sunshine don't appear not from of breath a sigh of relief, he towards others to say:"The strategies prepare to launch at any time and stay all of these rascals."Because strives for of prepare to be appropriate while orderanying nine strategies of 90,000 people to sign, can launch at any time.

"Is not right!"

Ten thousand precinct chiefs advertise for and finally also have terminal point, much less this several very short 10 cmses, the jade finally still kept arriving destination at the male and lightly crumpled at the male along with the jade, Lin Mu Xue's forehead already tiny tinily appear sheen, this is the sweat, seeing to Lin Mu Xue is already very some Be getting hotter, where come of heat, not just her body inside, guard Heng axioms according to the energy, her calories affirmation can't without cause of emergence, certainly is have an object and conduct to hers, this has three places and spreads the incoming, respectively is a jade at the male is stiring up some become hard of the hand, also having some damp hands already, and that little otaku who be just"molestation" by Lin Mu Xue's plump hip spread past.

"Nian bamboo way friend, well since departure!"Need a true person of Nian bamboo to resist sword to fly near after, unreal but the Du signing flies and then embraces boxing to say with smile.

"Like well hard!"The Du flies to smile to order and then turned round to go upstairs.

"Although those monsters have already been as just about as superman, if the front side be checked to play to shoot, shoulded don't return alive of possibility."The inquiry that hears Ba Na Niu, the defense secretary obviously once considered this problem as well and at that moment and then opened mouth an answer way.

"Dog son, does etc. will go to wager shop to play 2?"Wait to close city gate well after, a young soldier the facing dog sub- proposal way.

The crowd that watches on all sides but is to see some kind of another scenes, the vehemence that see the leaf singing breeze that wild violent in action fiercely for of a prosperous, the close behind leaf sings breeze body a blood wildly spray but.Those bloods have never spread to fall a ground and is led to generally and in the sky beat Xuan facing the first appear of falsely the shadow float to go, those are four appear afterwards of falsely shadow seem know what also facing those bloods suddenly suck away, but those blood good with and together and falsely copy a company to measure good generally the slightest be free from the influence of foreign strength to generally integrate into that to falsely copy in.The blood integrates to make originally and have some infirmity falsely the shadow immediately resumed the status of highest point, the color also became to°from the original ivory a light blood-red color,

"See appearance nature in be really have everything."

"Perhaps don't go."The gold is small to open to shake a way:"That thing I don't know as well actually how to activate, even if I want to let it come out, it doesn't listen to as well mine."


"Unexpectatively such a young girl, the idea arrives still pretty positive!"Shaking to feel deeply about is a , the Du flies then to move to return to foreshore hole mansion in a sudden, but hole mansion in, from the car wood 2 people place know news of rather Peng's waiting a person have already tidied up to stop to be and wait Du to fly of end for.

Looking at to resist for a sky, the Chen struggles, the heresy dollar in a soft voice says:"The matter of today now forgets about it, you can take they walked, I couldn't pursue, either, in the letter mention of affair, since your teacher have already had an arrangement, I need not participate in, either and grow to living a palace, still former of long living a palace."

Cover with the thin yellow of the whole space light the act is exactly the shining source of this world, is "the sun" of this world.

Chapter 2 falls through a sign line(up)

The passage outside is a very big hall in about having the 45 F floor Gao, around is the small room of one circle, have some very peculiar apparatus confused put in the hall, there is all slightly decrepit evidence in four walls and grounds and seem here once encountered to break as well similar.

"O.K., the geography seems to be higher here, the magma just comes in a little, we are on the stone bed should the nothing important is dangerous, only want to go out to seem to be more difficult ……" distance snow's lookinging at is sealed by the magma of stone door, complexion worried.

"Where?"Seal Ling Wen Dao.

"What do the yous, you say?!"The Yao area is unbearable surprised to shout, " this how may?"

"How can and so?"From strange pair president of association 3 people arrive to an entrance to valley and see the miserable sight in the valley, Na gram much elder facial expression not from become sad.


Small scaled tornado lines up into a line of facings ten square the college quickly push forward, clear is a breeze to fasten rather strong breeze book world of the power in the sorcery, even if so Ping Yue Shan didn't want the meaning for letting at 1:00 as well, the method Zhang in hand brandishes the Shu of breeze shadow to launch, along with the meeting together of breeze chemical element, and then have several tens tornado joins among them.Have been being singing the sorcery Zhang in jasmine hand of sorcery forward at 1:00 at this time, the together huge black aureole takes various icy cold Sen however of breathing facing those more than 100 tornado cover with and go to, along with the pushing forward of black aureole, the color of aureole is getting deeper, terrible breathing also along with deepening of aureole color but more obvious, facing tornado covers with but bottom, is exactly dark black to fasten sorcery to darkly cover with.When the aureole and more than 100 tornado in black bump shot to arrive together the strong breeze sign your work, numerous small breeze blades attackstone that crazily black of aureole, but black of the aureole the slightest don't sway, slowly the facing center oppresses since then, at oppress of continuously continuously resist a full sky of breezes blades for dancing in the wind just like the substantial black smoke at the same time.The aureole in black finally can not hold up all tornado, at least ten tornado bump at the defense method of ten college Shu the privates of square on.Defendoof once the strategies be subjected to attack of the outside dint and immediately open to defendoof function, the charged barbed wire net of way way appears in the sky of these chemical element users and blocked those tornado down.And jasmine and Ping Yue Shan also because one white of the vibration face produced for blowing up sorcery, sorcery teacher the vibration from soul that be subjected to most easily while resisting is also the vibration of mentality, because those sorcery from display to blow up always to connect with each other at the mentality of sorcery teacher.


The gold is small to open hesitant finally decide not to provoke the thing of my noodles repeatedly, although oneself has already come to a four ranks, this the unknown thing don't know as well in the world how much, some strength of Jing monsters, monster will never be more lousy than their oneselfs and hastily intrude into to go, perhaps when the time comes even how to die all not to know.

At the beginning the green jade precious jade and small joy declares that they are what Du flies to send comes, so six green don't make it lively for them, and after expanding the industry to Hong Kong, then life their full power is responsible for the business that faces sea and also to make for them one the identity that the feeling believes in outside pupil in the door.

Ambiguously have one silk clear Wu, however he is driving airship at this time, empty don't make moves to cautiously fish for, three Tao Kuang shadow that can allow to appear again sees if have no the defense cover of crossing of thing sort airship, drill into his body.

Tang can son a see everyone's facial expression knowing that they all misunderstood their their own meanings and immediately presented two red cloud explanation ways ofs on the face:"You see I do what, I am the felling that asks small pure now, you think that I ask her what."

Hear the inquiry that the Du flies, luxuriant just tiny tiny one Zheng, immediately and smiling all overly say:"The younger generation just received this time a notice of holding Zong Men and said tomorrow will open for business, the elder generation asks is really coincidentally!"After finishing saying, luxuriant just but start in mind guess, he just received a notice, this Du flewed and then spoke inquiry, this guy with this of held Zong Men to have what contact, as well or be hold the guest of the city some parties this time is the Qing elder with each other?

Originally, according to my original meaning, these words is don't mean to say, because I have been intending that the book review area adopts to have no for and the method for curing, no matter what comment on, want ~only to the point, all add Jing, but, I disappointed and experienced so long, comment on also however bye begin to point can calculate to come over of three, I have a little disappointed.If this explained what, explain my failure, my book is basically not worth seeing, but whatever kind, story write out, still hope to hear the other people's speech of, own some kind of strenuous efforts, can not get pointing out of other people, I all lost a direction by myself.Don't know that oneself exactly should also insist and even rose to change another a viewpoint of book.Probably, if result like the words in 1:00, with the person whom I talk will write here more, I just suddenly realize mistake, originally my heart is an unexpectedly such solitude.

In the daytime, each cent each I am thinking of you, night, each each time engrave me is dreaming you.

If not that the jade knows the small characteristics of cloud Qian of leaf at the male and early held up the mouth of cloud Qian of leaf with oneself's mouth, otherwise leaf cloud Qian perhaps and early this time will drive the owner of home give"is pre-eminent to round a view".

Chapter 3 is red and burning evil to bite(up)

The tree"Hua" one rings, the man of a whole body black dress slowly walked out.The gold is small to open after seeing this person, secretly shocked in the heart.That Human body material extremely Gao Zhuang, look to unexpectedly and about have the of two meters the head, all over the cover is in the full-length gown in whole body black and even wrap up heads and have a liking for to have a little is like a western basinet sorcery teacher foppery.

Now the whole hall in have already been broken of in a great mess, the hall space almost extends 100%, everywhere all is like dust general broken bits, all of that are the metal wall and floor that is broken by various strong strength.The gold was small to develop in a short while foolish, suddenly thought of own a few colleagues, turned head and saw, but discovered that they are all placed in in coma, the words not and cautiously seeing still think they just asleep just.Moreover those cards' pulling is also an all similar status, all drive just of those strength vibration the lane faint.


"I just contemplation be over, listen to teacher say that you had to close the border, so just rushed through to come over."The thunder receives virtuous get excited ground to say, " younger brother Shi, you can want to know, this closing the border to pound at four stars is very dangerous!We be still to past similar self-discipline, do SAMSUNG evil lead a private also quite good!"

"You was also regarded as a member of Peng Lai now, where does also asking me have to go?"Hear six green past make don't know of inquiry, the Du flies to shake head a to smile, " go to you the feeling religion see, at the beginning the Peng elder generation accepts you as Tu we still once saw once and at the right moment visited now some kind of!"

Is an all huge mushroom-like in shape plant everywhere here, however all is like three day the ancient tree is generally huge matchless, some"mushroom"s even are up to 100 meters and support a throw down a turn of shadow on the ground like the germ umbrella of tree hat sort.

"Like, I wasn't your completely inexperienced in society young girl like this, I once saw too many affairs, can't so easily lose her head of, you say."Lin Mu Xue is tight tight leaf the hand of cloud Qian, be regarded as to she is replying of affirmation.

"Does that want to seek to come to revenge?"The little monkey prepares for a fight, he ever since that time promotes actually

"呯 !"Along with one silk energy the turn ripple to open in the space, cloud concealed fairy heart in not from a burst of worry anxiously.This is already him and that uncanny person form puppet to the seventh time for putting together, but as for puppet body that should accept to can not stand but crack in his imagination, but still intact have no Sun, but what he operates is first grade the Nie working properly a treasure fix sword, good completely lost sharp formely have no the sharp point of .

"Bomb!"The gold is small to open to spread one in the brain deep-fried ring, the flame dollar dint in the body at madness after flowing extreme limit speed, suddenly crack open by explosion to open, turn the weird strength of making surge, want to break body but!However the gold is small to open now it happened that be penned among the strong and tough cold pole ice, the body is tightly bound, those weird strength have no the place drain, the end pours to recoil a gold again small open of inside the body.

It is past to want to remove what strive for."

They get along with a decade already, but celebrate cloud have never let the mountain county is a pond to lose interest to her.Although now celebrate cloud have already become staff officer from the sweetheart's identity, but her persistence has been having no the identity that give up the sweetheart, because of the sometime, this identity on the contrary will have more

"Wait for a second!"Just of the affair take place too and quickly and wait others understand come over, the old man has already eaten one big Kui, Xia Yu hurriedly blocks at old man's in front.", Please wait for a second!"

The gold is small to open to also feel very interesting, however oneself just reads to cantillate out of voodoo not is controled by himself or herself, but the nature in the brains appear of thing, also not know to isn't that that consciousness is strong to fill to own.


There is a kind of feelings that call love;There is a kind of feelings that call animosity;There is a kind of feelings that call abhorrence;There is as well a kind of feelings calling injury.The oblivion drops the whole of deep-rooted of distress, oblivion drop the whole pain Che heart feelings, that will be biggest a kind of happiness ……

"I certainly understand, but do you understand?"The Du flew to smile happily ground to counter-question a , then stand up good very at random several feet, see those 78 the big fellow of noodles dew malice just, like be bombarded, bounced back 34 meters, directly fainted 1 ground.

In the heart not from a bit helpless.He is still unlikely so small belly chicken bowel, is such small matter to aim at this old Xu!However now with each other many monks in the city all noticed here, his attitude also can not too not smooth, otherwise this is slowly old really foolish in the middle of flowing cloud territory not bottom go to, 3 people become the literary reference of tiger he still knows of, gossip is terrifying!

"This?"See the Du fly to suddenly take out many Dan medicines, green jade precious jade and small joy all stunned speechless.Gather miracle drug to still pour just, can build radicle Dan but is too precious.Although the Du flies to at the beginning promise them, as long as finding out Ma Jun to go, build radicle Dan for them, now not is haven't found out?

The gold is small to open the refining once led before of bite among the treasure, also all existed violent incomparablely printed to record, is cracking for a sky, the printing of thunder war drum recorded time he still almost loses a body among them and regardless which time of crack is all extremely dangerous-obviously, this time among huge absolute being AN of print to record stronger!

An among those youths' idea way:"Hold that thing not to is all right with iron Qiao?"

"Try not to know when the time comes, now why the need for bothers a bitterness to think!"Deep in thought after a short while, the Du flies suddenly alarmed on smiling, drill into an ox horn point for oneself but feel funny.

"Pa!"See Joseph say thus shamelessly, Xiao Xuan a direct palm jilted to pass by.

Connect through a soul chain a cent of soul to the person

The knife long grass disappears, the left Huai seems to be already to give up, however even now, whole long living palace valley sky in, suddenly majority of an eyes come.

I usually think that if weave into a book of my recollections, that a memoirs that should be how long.

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