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toms outlet online "Well big of guy!"Have not waited a gold small open to praise highly finished, that strange insect starts an attack once again, the gold is small to open this time finally"lucky" of appreciated the attack method- of 1 time that strange insect to see once that strange insect head put, a light ball jetted from that strange insect mouth!Contain strong explosion strength in that light ball, the gold is small progressive white oneself just meet of the attack is exactly a this kind mode!

The Du flies of so have been being not realized a true identity, completely is because no one aims at to check him!Even if is the bosom bamboo that probably has some understand to him true person, also just know that he killed a pupil that the force is.Now if work in the concealed alliance of great white crane the true person let go to check him, the Du flies not to know his to come and go life experience to support when?

Be waked up with a start from contemplate by Han Qiu Ya's voice, six green swayed to sway head, took back thoughts and feelings, then said with a smile:"in my most helpless time those early years autumn Ya Jie helped me, this kind of kindness I a life time was difficult to report, had what matter say, can do me to do, could not did me to also thought way to do!"

"When …… certainly ……" Wei fingerling is bitter face way:"Otherwise …… we are here …… didn't eat don't drink, also so cold ……"

toms shoes sale Method will the contents of 4 F completely check, so he can occasionally cultivate a chain body article the action of 3 F, promise that the bodily strength can't deteriorate.

I consider warning her that she will never again read a newspaper without thinking: "What if that had been MY child?" That every plane crash, every house fire will haunt her. That when she sees pictures of starving children, she will wonder if anything could be worse than watching your child die. I look at her carefully manicured nails and stylish suit and think that no matter how sophisticated she is, becoming a mother will reduce her to the primitive level of a bear protecting her cub.

For worry China, the Chang Li pretty much appreciates.However he isn't to appreciate worry China in his most difficult time give his help, but thanked worry China for to earnestly practice a ground of church how he be the person!Henceforth, his being always sweeter than is the footman of worry China, however worry China have been putting him on the good friend's position.


www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html "I tell you, you don't want to tell others, does the news of this matter have been being blockaded.It is said that that hijacker of the bank is an impending superman!"

"How, feel the hard nut to crack that I can not answer you?"See a true person of great white crane temporarily don't open mouth, the Du flies and then says with a smile, in fact with he at present fixs for, the self-discipline hard nut to crack of great white crane true person's this layer isn't in his eyes, say so to also just think that the ashamed openings of true great white crane person is just.

A women if a lot of men make track for, Yao she specially has magic power, everyone the noodles piece is all very superior;Want the mental state of her deep An man of Yao, can attain to know both your opponent and yourself, 100 wars not Dai.

Those two young men of one side also all respectively flick to bite crystal, seal all way outs that the gold is small to open dead, strive for one shot success!

adidas js wings "The Du believes in a lord, you are thus careful is worry an evil force alliance those burst out come of strong?"After taking to receive to give to leave, always a speech doesn't deliver of the solid Lun do obeisance good wanted to understand what general, dynasty the Du fly openings to ask a way.

Is a subtropics depressed sunlight and listenned to the cool breeze that the his words almost don't faint, be like the head inside one blank, and then blow into a Sa Sa.The Indian logic thought like this, in the past I once at many concerning contemplation of once read in the book.

"Okay, we the full speed walk faster right away, estimate after three hours and then will rush through villa once."There of He Jin Ting blare the order of snow till summer, didn't put forward what objection, respectully should an after, then spoke to come back time that to use.


polo ralph lauren coupons , If Mo Chou Gu send a person to come inquiry, he slack suit a platform before the match just appearance for closing.Mo Chou Gu has never directly struck against China Wei the religion denounce and punish, but make China strict to secretly fish for, think necessarily be have no definite evidence, and the Du flies to think to oneself to do very hiddenly, didn't leave any trace, if he insisted to is a platform before the match just closed, doing not perhaps and not worry valley and others the fish clan would be also half believe and half doubt, this matter meeting slowly become a have no the head hang a case.However by so doing, hereafter in the luxuriant far star, Du's flying can not peep out original appearance, China in the concealed bead is strict, if rat and mermaid can not take out again, either.

While signing can discover that Li Jun is weak now of status.If really is so and so four hospital consociation the brigade basically will head for to fall to hurt of road.Although now still at after fear Li Jun's face top remains great waves not surprised, secretly but step up to revolve true spirit to hope to hurry up to resume the capability that oneself consumes.

"Little younger brother Shi!"Sorcery personal letter just saw a short while, the Du flew hear the thunder receive virtuous loudly appeal to the public small make the ground run up building, then without telling anyone pushed away a door run come in.

"The stranger of world endows with also of spirit with sign a life, then the reason endowed with to become sex.Manage spirit to originally unite as one, life two not and mutually leave.Water is thousand Lians, you since know, why still need to do so?"More leaves to turn round to hope to seal a Ling :"Let it be, since you say that my have nothing at all once teaches you, I make use of to float to living a way today to to you ascend one lesson."

polo ralph lauren shirts I have one elder brothers, roll call of time, still just the bedroom does spring autumn big dream.Being flurried is medium, my taking advantage o should answer"arrive" of time, hurriedly delivered a message for him, let him soon come to classroom to look for source of vitality.If get up speed enough nimble combine province go to many procedures, a slip away small run to hurtle into classroom, again pant noisily of weave the reason that comes to night for teacher, how wear also ability from lightly dispose of, calculate lateness.If get up to also want to wash a face behind, brush a tooth, sorry, that died to settle.Unexpectedly the elder brothers speed is still really quick, in less than five minutes, came right away an universe to greatly move to move, fly from the bed of dormitory to in the chair in the classroom.The posture lying hasn't changed, dissimilarity of is a body up many piece clothes, once the Zha see, incredibly still anti- wear.I think brothers this bottom can really enough and miserably of, from bedroom to teaching building, should is an one blank in the brain, our classroom is on the fifth floor, even if sit elevator, that must also at the right moment catch up to just go.See future life machine still really not seek, somehow this elder brothers passed on the whole, just drive whole class the classmate see anti- to wear the funny kind of clothes and really have a little embarrassed.

"Eldest brother Chen, have what annoyed, lend wine to sprinkle sorrow here?"See Chen first and thoroughly wide awake, the Du flies just smile to ask a way.

The gold is small to open once the spirit flap, if can excel a thunder hat, that nature is a good matter, hasn't oneself enjoyed enough fine life, how to now die!


polo ralph lauren outlet store The Nai rate Dai O Zhong Xuan ant Yao Mei Li Nao Yi depends on the sodium Lu rate Dai D Leng Zai the Wu ┕ be worth last home proper round guy the ┦ cut Ci Wu 繑

"Many thanks to eldest brother, thanks eldest brother, we walk right away."Two hijackers hear the Du flying to make them get up and also thinking to once round them, immediately turning round and then wanting to run and even attending to the aches of wrist dislocation not to ascend.

Once in a very long while novel download the net collection tidy up perfect and incomplete-once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting

Three people be completely pressed by 6 Kellies to beat, they aren't to have never wanted to counter-attack, but Kelly not darned dozen method and to fight sharp intuitions all in time of will they of the backstroke pressed down to go.If having no tower shield to only weigh sword in Kelly's six personal hands cold 3 people of ice can't also sink into bitter struggle like this, but that much Gao Ta Dun of person became them hard exceed of high mountain, three people in spite of use how ingenious move to carry on backstroke, but Kelly as long as tower shield forward a push the meeting change into their attacks to invisible.The condition like this makes 3 people more beat more fire, the inside Si Wei Er finally cut up rough after using the tower shield dissolve his attack at Kelly, sees him hand in of the huge ax is immediately one Lun, became a jade-green color on the ax blade of huge ax, that wins thriving source of vitality of the green certainly split to go out by creation of the world.The inside Si Wei Er this with all strength of a shot completely probably chop into pieces the tower shield of the other party, but his wishful thinking destine to end up in nothing, the eye sees the inside Si Wei Er this with all strength of one shot Kelly Be bright to get up than the benefit and thin promise 3 people's eyes.The heavy sword in the tower shield hand that sees 3 people taking back to block before body takes rising of the Dou spirit faced up, the Dou spirit that sees 3 people connected into one and weigh the action of sword in the hand tidy uniform-upward the Liao goes.After huge ax and heavy sword collide with each other, huge ax top the Dou moral integrity stanza decrease of the jade-green color, but 3 Kellies' Dou spirit is more and more prosperous.The result like this makes the inside Si Wei the Er is shocked, he is clear the spirit feeling own Dou is unexpectedly annoyed by the Dou of the other party gobble up.

www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx The plain prime of life man rides at fight a horse on, that whole body towering muscle even if the battle armor of steel can not also cover up and weigh in the hand sword than of common of heavy the sword still has liberality, the person who all all over was full of violent factor is exactly commander-in-chief iron of the Dou absolute being empire such as crazy.

We left the Hall immediately.

After several people wore to go downward again a , the gold is small to develop now the circumferential environment have already had a very big change and surround at surroundings of branch and trunk and blades all become verdant desire drop, the glory of green jade green doesn't live fluxion in the branch and trunk surface like the flowing water sort, a burst of like the tinkling voice of pure spring sort the deep place spread from the bush, even the air also becomes more delightfully fresh.The gold is small to open to emphatically absorb tone, felling all over a burst of and at ease, that is the flavor of strong world dollar dint.


ralph lauren polo outlet Water thousand Lians aren't

University hospital of other just handsome!"The leaf sings breeze a nod to say.

Hui light injustice call way:"I knew that but I don't make the wench call what, his that appearance root is a Rui monster the pet in the park, don't know anything, be cheated by you a while so."

"That invites teacher to teach me the method of self-discipline!"Hearing take to wash Sui Dan still have to first the self-discipline get to body inside living a true spirit, Lin Wan Er then the no time for waiting ground fly a claim way to the Du.

ralph lauren polo outlet "Bomb!"Along with horary passage, the gun muzzle of the other party and the main cannon of the airship almost the Chong can complete at the same time, then both parties all have no the slightest hesitate the ground launched an attack.

"Just and poorly drop a residue now, if can carefully make use of the gene of this flea, that I not is make large sum of money?!"Once this mind surge forward at heart, immediately and then make the gold small to open to feel hard to repress."Calm down, must calm down!This is the crime, plan detailed and complete just good."

See an evil palace palace the lord have no for Chen Jing successful in career meaning and on the contrary and greatly have an idea of sending goodwill gestures, the Du flies heart in not from one Leng , right away and silently, dided not connect words.


www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx The fire tooth did with malice ground to conjecture a gold small open some kind of, say with smile:"The third eye seems when your life is threatenned, would be activated ……since so, that we rather the manufacturing order how is crisis?"

"How, admit defeat?"See a shape of disappointed abjection of fat boy face, the Du flew the hand of dumping the lady's departed spirit dew to suddenly stop down, " I give you one more of opportunities now, would like to do be turned by my chain?"

"Light ball?"Fill Ni Er one Leng, say with smile:"That should be a kind of defense ray of light, in fact and only the ball inside is those monster persons, they are from the farest place thrown to shoot to come over."

He every where sees and feels that the thing that see in eyes seems some distortions.

ralph lauren outlet store "The teacher is still calming down to fix in back yard, wait until supper for time, he old man's house should come out.You first at here foolish meeting!Guy in"say the thunder receives virtuous took Du to fly to walk into building an inside, at the right moment met a person to come out, the thunder received virtuous point at his introduction way, " call the card fix, is that the method card is big evil to lead the private's pupil, is majoring in breeze to fasten of one star sorcery teacher."

"That has what use?You still aren't and as usual a disabled person now!"Seal Ling Dao.

The girl resembles a lovely doll, not quite and beautiful, always Wen Wen meek appearance.Is public to all hug to rob to eat on the new-born evening party, she falls in the behind and embraces a schoolbag, smiles ground but frightens into inaction and lets him loves.Yes, the river is the heartache to a person to the love's first felling.


adidas shoes with wings Is that accident??

A burst of step voice spreads, the three Sas second person appears the view that is small to open in the gold in.Those two one female of maleses of 3 people, none of ages is old, look 78-year-old appearance, the looks is handsome the United States, however all of ears are black"rabbit ear" that is near Chinese foot of to grow, start to walk road to come to one Zhan Zhan of, give people of the felling is very weird.Those wear on three Human bodies of is all jackets of dark yellowish green color, the arm bares in the outside, can see a sign with brown line on the skin, however can not see clearly the use of those sign lines.


"Ding!Receive special DNAs set serial number ……start withdrawing ……find out to match DNA ……assurance identity!The wave is green.Radicle Ms. En, how are you, because this DNA serial number ascend fish-eye look for missing person an information, have already originally sent out to logging to look for missing person a sitting of information by mark of punctuation, please quiet treat it to contact with you, thank for corporation!"

jeremy scott shop Open the car leaves toward opposite side, the Du flew to pull an a piece of dried sliced meat to put to chew to chew in the mouth, discovering the flavor wasn't bad, however take out at him the second of time, suddenly once the facial expression change and stop a car under, shut eyes to carry to take off cloud definitely.

Seal to traverse evil smile a , go on body of deceit, the hands tightly knead a method to print and stretch out 2 and order to Chu the ex- chest of the text Xuan.This recruits is exactly seal Ling Chu Wu four bear each other out medium"the Vinaceous Rosefinch hangs Ling".

The absolute being that flies in the Du knows in, at the moment five lines of chemical elements of islet all toward he the rightness covered up remits to gather but goes to in response to the working properly of attribute stone in times before, however because of ocean on of five lines of spirit gravamens all, so water goes at the moment of the spirit almost had most islet.


adidas x jeremy scott "Since so, that you according to my spread to say and start practicing to control Yan!"Get such a surprise, car Xuan station's accepting Du to fly for the heart of Tu is more getting firmer.He the then momentary moment also no longer procrastinate and directly took Du to fly into to go into a positive, "square one ……"

The circumstance of likeness almost all has occurrence in eight wars, is no matter a sorcery, a doctrine still Wu Ji and Dou skill don't break the black tunic person's defense.The unique is advantaged to is Li Yan, actually have already come to a Wu Di's medium level as Caesarean Li Yan's real strenght, only is Caesarean he almost have no what

"!"The moment falls bad, let the Du fly Zheng to just respond to come over for a long time, thought of just the thunder experienced to rob, however still can not forget that kind of at his heart bottom with cosmos an absorb a to move to mutually shout with of joy.

"If be really so, that flew a degree to only have nonappearance!"Listen to a true person of bosom bamboo so on saying, the Du flies a moment in brain one Shan, imitated a Buddha to understand what, then have some to not smoothly say.

adidas wings 2.0 "Walk!"See all polices come out a house, once Han Qiu Ya wave hand and led off to get on the car, other polices and armed police saw a form and also one by one in order filled up a few police cars.Immediately after a few cars launch, in the dark night once the car tail lamp jilt, the facing afar drives.

As for say moreover a result that this matter results in, that is dispersal's different monster in several big spaces, large numbers of quantity of be caught to kill, some violent strength top-class difference monster is also become rob hand goods, many people for the sake of these difference the monster even don't hesitate to get into nasty fight.All of these difference monsters are directly "material"s used to gobble up fusion, can be significant to promote the real strenght of practicing moral teachings, even can promote a that they awake of rank.

If several females return all at digest jade at the male just and temporarily fail to notice as a result let jade at male to escaped to return to, now make track for also impossibly, the jade isn't a pig again at the male, this time even if is knock on door he also affirmation can't open the door.


Those early years of ratio fixed for, the Du flies at present but high strong numerous times.However only fix for of the growth isn't enough let the Du fly to once hide variation people of probe into, let him once hide variation what person detect, is the realization that he passes concealed bead for the parts of spaces and time truths.

Use a bayonet to is extension the stopping for a rest of apex, can have one 56 even rices after, the Du flies and jump up descend arrived platform, use the ice wall that the bayonet just connects with each other with platform up start to excavate a hole mansion.

The beard Sa opens to put a table of dinner party for small gold in a wine shop in the city, the main course is a salon dinner.The gold is small to open after tasting an one mouthful salon meat, absolutely almost got drunk in the heart:Boil to make good salon meat to present a kind of translucent ivory, fresh delicate juicy, put entrance in immediately turn to open after, meat joss-stick of hard description dashed forward a brain from the mouth cavity, the salon meat imitated a Buddha from numerous hollow slender shredded meat composings, among each shredded meat bind together fresh the United States juice water, put entrance in behind a little bit make an effort and then can feel that delicacy that those shredded meats explode to open in succession, will contain among them develops thoroughly.

"How much do you see these jadeites a value probably?"Say

Make the week small beautiful the counter area change 1,000,000 counters into 100,000 of, the Du flew to stare at a round dish to look.

Love is the greatest refreshment in life. The love lives the best refreshing.

In the valley, the Du flies to slowly open a pair of eyes, one joy in heart.The Qiao expected behind, the absolute being expected after knowing also promote to the Qiao.This month, in addition to take

"The Du flew back."Chen Shi Bin didn't say it's other, only a words made the facial expression of wood beard son tiny to change to change.

The gold is small to open a gape, he sees that light beam also however being a fist is thick thin, but unexpectedly the ability results in on huge whale thus big injury, absolutely unimaginable!What weapon is that exactly?What person is using?

The rebel chief is one Zheng, seem to have never thought the action forgetting is so quick, however he still obeys of stop next touch the hand of gun.

Hear the order that the Du flies, six members of squads in succession noodles now happy expression.Front a period of time Du flew to clear the monster in the sea, left in their heart good impression, now again so full of human interest, let them be not greatly increased by good will.


"This is the woolen blanket that the supper covers in the evening with you.Moreover, you can you the rope on the body untied!"That walks to incomingly bind bandit, the noodles has no facial expression ground to put two lunch-boxes and two woolen blankets at the in front of sister in the summer house, then icily said 1, turned round to come out cargo bay, again lock up the door.

The owner wanted to think that the jade is in what male said is also, connect down again oneself see for these half month of some circumstances for hearing all said to say at the male for jade, because he doesn't know as well which is worthy, which don't be worth of, had to all say the all that oneself can remember to the jade listens to at the male, jade at male from in still really found out some more worthy things, for example a few worlds come after don't take beginning and piggy, Zhao Ning Ying and he look like still more familiar chat to wear, even afterwards Zhao Ning Ying still accompanied world to drink point beer, although these were unattractive, however in the jade in male eyes of this professional and red Niang, fishy could do, wanted although Zhao Ning Ying also really acquainted with at the male to the jade, canned usually also say a few words and even opened to order small fun what of, Zhao Ning Ying could have never accompanied the jade once drank at the male and the piggy of, which afraid the piggy once still played trick of make her drink to wear, she with she's capacity for liquor not refuse, surprisingly world first, she drink, be don't know to is what world requests on one's own initiative, is still her active of, the different circumstance meanings in it is also different, so the jade can be initial to really recognize in male of great value, can not break to certainly have to much and greatly be worth of, must wait to there is still from world and Sun Meng piggy three square there get complete circumstance just can assurance.

Work properly burning gloves, those four stars test Dou on body body spirit defense to fly but talk to the Du and then break so much many.Just resist one each time 45 seconds, they the Dou of the head face place spirit will be worked properly burning gobble up, then the big hand being flown by the Du kneads a ground Lu bone.

Way, the voice is deep and low, have a thunder to roll over unclearly, very weird.

Mood a good, the Du flew to suddenly think of a matter, the hurriedly positive color is to the Louis Si master's way:"Teacher, three year ago pupils saw in the Z country the solid Lun do obeisance, he at that time is looted a virtual realistic technique!"

Original real strenght not equal to person, Sung a life time beats clearly of is the idea of sneak attack, but now look them have been already exposed.Thought of here, a burst of bitter and astringent in the Sung a life time clear heart, immediately again be like thought of what general, once the mind shake and turn head is about to shout, but heard a few stuffy hum.

"In Vatican, there is the supervision to aim at spirit motion and energy motion, so these thing I can carry on the back on the body, in case open the motion of space prop be detected by them.Still have, a short while got into sewer, you can use body strength, must not use other energies!"Hear the problem of Niger duke, Ai Luo hurriedly explanation way, he now don't hope to act failure as well this time.

Twos are black to make it lively for a way for eldest brother:"This we aren't clear either, so have to bind this guy to here ……however we still don't know it will from explode."The speech bottom greatly has an idea of penitence, after all who don't think as well a bomb in putting oneself's home, and perhaps and when will explode.

Sealed a Ling to feel for a while the temperature of forest, seeing the appearance is with order cold, see dream son depend on weak body, is shoulding not stay overnight in the forest, seal to traverse to helplessly say:"That do you still not and quickly seek a place to stop for a rest?"

"You stay first here, I with small joy go to go to return."After finishing listenning to Lin Jun happily relate, the Du flew a tiny deliberation for a while, then toward six green say with Lin Bi Yao.

Wait until water pure work properly a to leave, Xiang madam this just looking at to seal a Ling chillily, the front and back attitude is really like sky of


"Take leave!""Fatty pig" also arch arch hand, then changed direction vision nearby of woman body up, stretched out a fatty thick big hand, prepared to feel that of slippery

Qian Xiao Qing certainly couldn't always entwine just jade in the male's words and had to put own question temporarily at own belly in, after a while see an opportunity to seek ask jade again at the male.

"Red tail president of association Gao Yi, henceforth president of association if have any order, we are four to in no way and the least bit decline!"Receive respectively the household superior passes of expression of eyes, the mountain county waits four house lords to immediately and together and together bend the body a way to the heavy male of red tail.However, this is also one form, meet to settle a dispute, how should do, how still have to do.Everything takes household benefits as heavy!

The friend says to him:"How don't go?You don't learn to cure and lead again are also 44 years old for four years!"He wanted to think and in a twinkling comprehended, the second day went to school and registered.

"Is all right, that we invite card to space out a person to reveal defense."

After, from don't need to be said, after the school a confused conflict of mountain small forest, achieved Li Dong Peng's prestige, but also recruited to come to armed escort in the school, the owners of "three wars" all the Da pull head foolish teach place in the government in, wait a claiming of parent.

The Du after flying hear a making collective report of moxa rice pondered for a while, then order need not realize.Exterminate the variation person's base to them and is a first important affair now, whether someone leaves to still keep coming in through a transmission, all unimportant.

I believe deeply she will be an outstanding nurse, I feel this very and beneficial to all just- begun to work young men at the same time-since get hurt is ineluctable, so, you have to prepare to get hurt, as opening the warrior of coming forward the line, preparing to die for the country at any time.

Hear this sentence, the gold is small to open the smiling face on the face to immediately become wry smile."Dancing party?It is really unlucky."

"The pupil bears in mind a teacher to teach!"Hear the Zhu of Yong Yong that Ma Jun goes, the Du flies to be also suffused with to have one tender feeling in the heart, again one arch hand, then moved to return to face sea City in a sudden.

 The spark lightly floats ground to fall the head of strange snake is over there up, suddenly"Mao" ground one blast open, the dints compressed by inside in a twinkling release and formed one regiment huge fireball!The strange snake been suddenly assaulted surprised Nu thousand times, "Wa Wa" a scream, the whole body missile but, this contain great power, is more super often after being subjected to the incitement of fireball in that strange snake body exertion, almost wink, it then and repeatedly bumped to break several bulky branch and trunk, voice earsplitting.


See the Du fly to constantly win and see again Li Dan Shu's hoping be full of Qing Mu in the look in the eyes that flies toward the Du, the ox horn point in the David heart drilled more badly and started Chong blood in brain, and two eyes also became one red.

"Oneself guesses to go to!"Originally together and together the friendship was just directly uncovered her feelings by the teacher, also a bit shy, but see now the Du fly thus the shape of silly Leng, in the heart again rose son spirit.Finish saying and then hate once the ground stamp foot and have never thought but led a condition of the injury and had already turned round to lamely leave.

2 people sent back all things for buying to fly empty boat"space beautiful sand" in the middle, can be hidden behaviour like this, avoid being seen by the others what flaw.Although the space beautiful sand is just a small scaled empty boat,the inside still has a few spacious cabin rooms, completely can regard as deluxe hotel to use.

Those palace guards gape, up to the time they just discover, originally those roughnecks all lie at ground up, be rounded in the middle of but is two coy young girls, and there is still a guy of roughneck shape being pleaing for help from them now ……

"Na Jia when can see you vanquishing handsome China?Again make great effort 1:00!"

Wait Du to fly to directly turn CNY 50,000,000 to exchange after Reminbi counter in the account of Pu city big casino, the manager of casino comes out in person, even the shoulder bag didn't also make him put, direct face into he VIP room.

"The Z country is rising, become two pole situations in the world with opposite M country at present, in addition, although EU, and non- alliance...etc. unite influence,the form of government is lax, not the opponent of Z country, M country."Listen to the second Se speak of situation in the world, the Du flies at that moment light on saying with smile, " the super M country can fight brigade fiasco at present, if the fairyland of Peng Lai or evil force alliance as to it's the public the mastermind adopt'decapitation'of plan, can certainly let the M country decline, just the M country save a great deal of nuclear warhead at present, if once certainly falling, mental disequalibrium under afraid of meeting

Etc. sees after this scene, the Du flies to suddenly feel a bit not satisfactory, but wants to say is where not satisfactory, he cans not finds it again.Hope there of hand over to answer, the Du flies of the brain quickly revolved.

"All of these are three seniors to I teach of, also say that you will definitely like!"Listen to if the Du fly, the Ni can immediately change back again previous of the reserved girl, however words in nowise showed consideration ground to betray three senior thunders to receive virtuous.

"The soldiers will tomorrow set out, should arrive before us."The Ao blessing returns to way.

In addition to plant, the animal in the forest also started producing a difference to change.Life in the original forest of those strength strong different monster, also all become figure to suddenly and violently increase, the temperament is crazy rashness, momentary


The Du flies to fly toward the place of cargo vessel place all the way, however work properly to know didn't relax the supervision to the cargo vessel.Wait he to see that Lee Heng sun be taken shipment

Seal to traverse heart in dark sigh, although this kind of ache let to seal to traverse hard bear with, however seal to traverse a rant as for time that isn't a rest now, all over the body of the explosion of true spirit whole amount, take sealing a Ling as center, square number inside inside, unexpectedly be abruptly sealed Ling to make a huge big pit.

The second year summer, the birthday of doll shalls arrive soon.Especially the river's idea learned to use flat bottom pot of the fried cow pick, he thinks very romantically, the candlelight, fresh flowers and cow picks, red wine, he wants to personally set out everything, everythings all want Piao beautiful bright

Sang breeze to return to along with the leaf after the sea surface the retiring room in the boat is by oneself.The preparation of the manikin clan has to say to is very thoughtful and not only have enough food to even still have a lot of fresh waters in the retiring room, only is the saving quantity of these fresh waters to remove the degree of everyday using of two people be every day take a shower is also more than enough.In brief ate after some foods a leaf to sing breeze to make Li Jun take a rest in the retiring room but he then returned to control room to anywhere pack to fill fuel to keep by oneself the boat to drive at any time by himself of speed.However the leaf sings the arrangement of breeze Li Jun obviously isn't very satisfied, when the leaf sings breeze to again pack to fill good fuel beginning self-discipline Li Jun is silently arrived at to quietly look at the man who sits the last self-discipline by the side of the fuel stove in the control room.

The gold is small to open the troops of place to clime to precipice wall, got into among them of a cave in, the noodles is extremely spacious there, the foot has 2 people much Gao, the hole Shan inside the wall wears in fine threads and radiant ray of light now, ambiguously it is thus clear that in inset of crystal stone.

"Internal circumstance?"The car Xuan station smiled to smile, " you if ask other people, their affirmation can not answer, however ask me, pour is ask to the person!"Then don't need Du to fly openings, then speak to have the circumstance of fairy city to him.

Also have a few lightning flashes split to win a protection gold small open of that light cover, however come from a gold small open what idea anticipate BE, that only cover unexpectedly is an unimaginable sort of violent, even fierce split in the strong dint lightning flash under, even an in fine threads motion crack-up all have no!When the lightning flash splits medium that gold color only cover after, be immediately and then led to lead toward other directions, the dog dinner that the environment of surroundings break.

The Han Han ground in England smiled to smile, way:"Was too difficult, even if we know that it has no dint after quarter war again, but this quarter we anyway is also support not past.I see not equal to we rest whole for a while,

However the all these flies and talks to the Du still too faraway, he just start refining the first to divide time, is also a sky at the moment, soul divides time.

Close by graduation, Xu Meng applies for scholarship for England, the rejoinder left a school behind in advance.I am recommended the graduate student of our school, the butterfly that is like a freshman is similar to wait for Du of shallow arrival.

"You does the sufficient Dan say 1 again?"At this time great white crane true person just full eyes fury ground toward the black tunic of in front male monk Chi way.

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