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ralph lauren outlet Don't realize mistake how long, Du's flying has already completely addicted to mind this scene in.Those are jilted an object of cloud regiment, slowly combine a becomes bright of star body, but these star body, because of body

"Like, I with from strange pair president of association they already the company once measured, after going to Na gram many elders in valley they lately- set up graduate school there remit to match, can protect a graduate school at the same time be not broken!"Make use of mentality motion and from strange after they communicate, pair's president of association's the Ci Bo Fu's president of association then towards Du to fly with the Louis Si master's way.

"I am to come to seek Li Guang theirs, you how also here?"See grow up big miss of jade, the Du flies heart in is also a concussion a burst of, wait he to fall calm this to just ask a way.

The gold is small to open to feel his/her own brain was a bit not enough to use!Is ever triumphant formely and had no hard not the forbiding of Cui machine light dragon, unexpectedly even killed an octopi not to drop in this ghost place, actually and what is the row?Really see ghost!

ralph lauren outlet online ", Bureau chief Han, we definitely shine on your order to do!"That fat bureau chief hears so a result and loosenned tone in the heart, the fat meat on the face immediately wrinkles up, smile spend like a ju similar say, " bureau chief Han, now quickly till noon, I just ordered 1 table at the hotel of flank, don't know that bureau chief Han accepts to have a potluck with big guy together?"

The strength on the body is also very strong, even if forbids space in that in, seem is also way too severe."

The external appearance of Di hole that the gold is small to open this still to really see a for the first time.


jeremy scott shop In fact the gold is small to open true viewpoint, to want to make to some genes to use from that superior's body, if the other party is really a superior, that oneself also not is can also easily become a superior? Only ……"horse of, the other party why meeting

The double head huge wolf intelligence is the highest, can understand a gold small open of derision words, raving fury under, it two four eyeses in, all suddenly and violently projected the ray of light that the Chinese foot grows!

"Say so, did we win?"Seal Ling Wen Dao.

Listen to any respect a true person to say thus to act with due care and respect, ten big matches of underneath wins all start deliberating, see the person whom they know each other win and have the self-discipline gobbles up of Yan of.But among them of long happy true person, quickly thoughted of that the Du flies.

www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html See the Du fly in the speech deeply one silk hasty color, Lin Bi Yao has never dared to dawdle again as well and hurriedly calls to a waiter and ordered eight kind fine small vegetables.All of them are monks, have a meal is also article flavor just, much more needless take a lot of time.

The gold was small to open to once inquire a Yao area as well gentleman king, but get of answer but made the gold small to open a bit upset:This kind of extreme limit status is very likely to be what inside his body of gobble up to check to result in, at his gobble up to check a fire tooth before having not"wake up", this kind of status will have been also canning not getting a relief.

Being black to work properly forest in boundary is very few, the big part is the hungriness district and stone Qiu that spreads all over crushed stones, because of long-last of drought, on the ground also full is a crack, often have some reptile with weird shapes to explore a body from those blind sides, vigilance of look at circumferential environment.


jeremy scott adidas shoes In the sea under the detailed explanation of Si, the gold is small to open this to just understand, originally gobble up is after coming to a top-class five rankses, the great power then can break open space and carry on one category in long-distance leave the ability that the space jumps up!This and the gold Be small to open to fly the space on the boat to jump up ability about, however want to be more accurate and simple, also need not consume too many energies.

Seal to traverse heart in surprised don't already fear to, this is what achievement method, can invade own heart, or let thus people awakely feel, not to, definitely have a way prevention.

"Mao!"Be opened along with the door, a layer after layer thing is thrown in the bed, Xiao Hui secretly book open one silk curtain, see in the bed but was those big fellows to just lift out of hemp sack.

The distance rushes through comer fish clan the superior also realized the war situation of this place, however here because the spiritual influence seethes, she afraid sink into space trap, it is to don't dare to move to come over in a sudden to pour, can strongly speed speed.

jeremy scott adidas shoes " Is this guy?"The flash across in the together together graceful heart is one silk doubt, because that person show that day of real strenght, absolutely is two star above warrior, can this Du fly but is a sorcery teacher!

Chapter 44 Qian fixs(up)

This is a good opportunity!Resist to accept Xian effort of communicate with this puppet, step by step lay hands on an information, Hun however don't notice maternal there have action.


adidas jeremy scott Leave various brilliancy?But he small male's respecting what farmland want is this kind of brilliancy, for this is at all costs!

"That's right, in addition I really could not figured out what good way."The gold is small to open to sigh a way:"I ever once faced to face personally with those big summer clansmens, a s all had equal great power, and this returned just them had no completely resume of status, if etc. they to resume peak status ……"

Chapter 8 chain machine(next)

"This is a long story ……"

jeremy scott adidas wings Ling Jia wise powerful ruler moment the ambulation get to several thousand meters outside, will bite Tui A to put on at the same time, nervously stare at the big palace that has been already opened widely.He how also have never thought, just got here, unexpectedly was subjected to an attack, actually is where wrong?!

"See you so determinate up, that I encourage to leave for it being difficult to receive you, with me!"The answer that hears dog son, wave green Yang Yang eyebrow, smug and arrogant ground of say.

"Thank elder!Just"arch hand one gift, the Yan leaves carefully to fly opposite to sit down in the Du a way, " pupil went to an elder hall, can the elder of Jing Hao say this preaching be arrange so of, let elder you ascend station preaching right away, otherwise will with defiance territory the lord orderany of the reason punish you!"


jeremy scott sneakers "Fly a Hong way friend to come!"Du after flying 4 people to walk into attic, there are already many people in the detection, two among the persons see the Du fly 4 people to win of fly Hong, then and immediately smile to come over here to say "hello" a way.

Was flown by the Du to reveal to carefully think, Xuan frost Qiao face was tiny tiny a red, immediately resumed a normal way again:"Because someone in the angel has a liking for my physical endowment and wants to become a double to fix companion with me, I would not like to, can can not defy the order of three elders again, have to to now escape out."

"This tall person, don't know we high house where give offense to, you thus does the ground spare no one?"See

On the body, although that silk thread look not to fructify, ability prison ground in the prison pull his/her own soul body.

adidas by jeremy scott The jade lovely nature is to pack betterly, in fact can not say to pack, either, seem lovely of jade and 2 Bs hope to toward stem and all be specially enthusiastic about to the others and make of 2 B the surrounding neighbor also is to be full of praise to the lovely jade, all say that the 2 B is lucky, finds out such an and beautiful, again able daughter-in-law.As for this 2 Bs is a cock-a-hoop facial expression before person, secretly, towarding the lovely 2 Bs of jade be usually and she quarrel for the sake of this affair, 2 people are really a Dou more is more close.

"Leave."Du's flying don't notice the captivation of jade, see her not to talk, think that she agreed, then pulled her hand and headed for the bus station on the county.

"Change 1."


jeremy scott adidas shoes "Roar!"Like the ground of a giant fire dragon fire monster the Jing open to project in the body, roar to make a pounce upon Cui from the small gold of Si especially, intensely hot breathing like billow general facing surroundings crazy book, just still was placed in the environment of freezing the status to become fire sea a while, the slightly a little bit near rattan unexpectedly and in a twinkling burns, raging flames Tao sky!

Along with a way huge wave head under the sword light that Du fly formation, at a watch from the sidelines to see of if chicken-hearted son not from smaller, the body is also not aware of self the ground outwardly visited one kilometer is far, while the Du fly is sinking the real strenght for being immersed to an oneself at this time in, don't notice at all if the small action of rat.

"Hey Hey, doesn't matter, no matter how it is, say this big bother all have already at last solved.H'm, have you at really good."

The space in the tower is extremely open spaces, the ground is a slab of stone to spread, however obviously the age is long ago, all decrepit and unbearable, the stone sews a medium miscellaneous grass cluster to living and studdeds with moss, some weird shape little animals run about, don't fear to a person.

jeremy scott shop Secretly the Qian returns to true force secret place of any respects true person, immediately sending out to summon a sign will garrison a true person of younger brother Shi of martial alliance's any Ye to recall a group.But any Ye the true person see after the senior of becoming a dollar baby Tai, surprised the son getting eye pupil almost drop out.To know any respects true person's existence in the vulgar life time but the invincibility!Who would have thought that become thus wretched now,did he suffer Qiao to expect above monk?

Wreak havoc wild strength, volatile energy rule, fragmented and disorganized vain space ……the gold Be small to open after opening the third eye, numerous informations immediately generally flowed out into a gold like the tidewater small open of among consciousness!Immediately, the gold is small to open then everything of seeing through that huge absolute being A!

Seal Ling to follow the taste of thousand Lians of water to see go seeing unexpectedly let to seal to traverse secretly scared, float to living a valley, unexpectedly or the one is prosperous, all everythings just orderly carry on, although have a destructive place, however didn't be also sealed a Ling at 1:00 may in the eye.


jeremy scott adidas shoes Do your style bride with generous style

"Is not right!"The voice of fire tooth suddenly rings small open brain in the gold in, frightenned him a jump.

Wait machine hall by this time the inside suddenly rang out a broadcasting, it was the flight that flies to a Z country to say have already prepared to is ready, the traveller can get on board.

It is quite to make some war horses continuously and by foot plane the noodles of hitting the ground.First what to gross out this kind of silent condition is iron such as crazy.Sees a his hand in of heavy sword a short while, 4,000 hussars pull out the direction of the machete facing fairy martial empire in the hand to hurtle.See iron such as wildly have action, receive Si is also a wave hand medium of heavy sword he rushed out 3,000 hussars to rush toward Li Jun's direction while after death signing.Sun Mou sees the other party not to is to attackstone himself/herself, the gold knife in the hand a flick 2,000 hussars killed along with the hussar of absolute being song empire past.At this time three attentions that all exterminate fairy martial empire first, after all their three people is to acquaint with very much to each other, but Li Jun isn't what they acquaint with, although they don't think that Li Jun's directing aspect in the military is their opponents,since Li Wu can break a soldier gun to hand over to her, so represent Li Wu have already approved her, can let the person whom the soldier absolute being approves so the real strenght is absolutely not very weak.Since like this and so make this person disappear from the battlefield, this is also why Sun Mou wait a person to strike against Li Jun's reason at the same time.

adidas by jeremy scott In high villa in the house, a few servants just and gingerly sweep the hygiene in the hall and don't dare to make a noise at all and feared to trouble to sit Gao Jia Da Dun little Gao Jing Bo who watches television on the sofa.Gao Jing Bo becomes the Gao grandfather's business, president Gao didn't let the outsider know, and Xiao house also in consideration of allow the fame of Ting, there is no unauthorized biography, so in addition to a few party concerneds and respectively in addition to family, no one knows Gao Jia Da Dun is little is no longer a normal man!And president Gao for covering, married a wife for son, so even if someone says that the other people doesn't believe as well.

So 2 people's one Sha again is surprised to have no forward insurance of visited for an hour, can at the speed of the this time evil Sha king but suddenly declined down.Feel the strange leaf sing breeze and Li Jun title forward a see all not from of wry smile get up, doesn't just see them three navy-blue posts in the distance them continuously approach, and still having to visit fish to continuously revolve along with water pillar in that navy-blue water pillar in the facing.See the circumstance leaf like this sang breeze and Li Jun to understand on the whole what make the disaster not only go, those three water pillars Be clear to is three sea waters that huge tornado curls up.

After the ex- table sat down, Du's flying don't see menu, directly the openings reported several names of kind meals, and still what to use is French of the pure and unadulterated, immediately let to be responsible for the bellboy heart that receives him in a surprised, more polite on the face.


ralph lauren outlet "How does that go!Together is a brothers that helps an inside, how to do like this!If"five Yes look like saying of objection, however face an end he in addition a , " the others do of, we also can feel sorry for for them!"

The gold is small to open to think for a while, way:"Tell the truth me don't know as well.After all I am only an insignificant small potato among the mankind's society, also have no who will listen to mine, much less ……"the gold was small to open wry smile for a while way:"Among the mankind's society is not a sheet iron either a cake of-I belong to the Earth mankind, but other parallel mankind of spaces regard with hostility us very much and harm I can conceal then an identity can freely act."

The gold was small to open and close to order forward, then then let out to ownly detect a sign of line.This kind of detects a sign line can let him"see" distance of thing, however effectively being apart from is too short, with the capability that the gold is small to open now, the thing that can see inside 2310 meters scope.The gold is small to open to carefully bring to an end the breathing on his/her own body, and conceal the sign of breathing of line, even if is a capability to compare oneself to practice moral teachings more deeply perhaps also hard detection.

Huang Gui Yue was born in found a nation a beginning, the teacher is long from the month way of Wu Dang Xuan.He natural endowments difference Lin, 30 years old break inborn of territory, in those early years and the white cloud of green city flowed, He Wang Ye, cloud of the Kun Lun believes in of Ma Jun goes and called young four greatest superiors of one generations of Wu Mengs.Huang Gui Yue broke Huang Jie at the age of 50 , while the rest combining to call with him in those early years is 3 people, the white cloud also broke Huang Jie after flowing half year, besides which, another 2 people, He Wang Ye because of be trapped by the feeling, neglected Wu Xue, have no save into, but Ma Jun go because the teacher door is exterminated whole family by the evil door sneak attack, don't know a Zong.

ralph lauren polo outlet The love is endless, but again is dead-end;Be like knowledge, will definitely be returned to naught.The knowledge that we search to control now is very limited, be when we controled complete knowledge the limited knowledge will definitely be returned to naught.When I am still a kid, I talk, am like a similar thinking of kid like kid of problem, reason logically like kid;But I once becoming adult, no longer be like a kid Be getting more similar.Currently, we much time seem from the mirror in watch thing, all see not pure to a lot of things, but have a dynasty on the first us will keep noodles these things.Currently, I know of the thing is very limited, but have dynasty I will know everything on the first.

"Hum!"Du's flying don't answer criticism, just through work well the mulberry of quarreling the preparation to reach to immediately beat vacancy like the boxing general, can annoy to hum 1 and hated ground to pull Nai Nu to return to move thing.

However this hole mansion Du flies not to think that the outsider discovers, so digs the good hole mansion just opens stomach small vegetables, behind he still needs to set out a compound yin and yang that can hide breathing and captivation bearer big.


www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx After waiting several people to enter office, the jade calls at the male outside of the person don't want to bother, closing the disciple hasn't sat down, hear Tang Hu loudly of say:"Jade at the male, do you say how you exactly want by yourself?My Tang Hu's younger sister be so had fun by you?At the beginning yourself how say, the time in my house you how say, you still want how, don't think the BV to your on the side, you can be getting more absolutely lawless, I tell you, today you if don't give me to hand over to treat, BV even if came in person, I am also similar don't do one the honor."

"Three greatest race?Is it monster clan, manikin clan and spirit clan to don't know?"The leaf sings breeze to answer not ask of ask a way.

See jade at a little bit more male all don't get around of looking at his/her own eyes, don't shrink back at all, Tang Long says:"Like, good, good."

"The second is we send a personnel, D mountain you top."The first compared Dou to first and last expend three hours, at this time already lead noon, so rather Peng for a while field after, get Xuan frost of order and then let a D top of hill field.

www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx But still have to intentionally set up for the slightest don't present to mind you

The Du flies to have no to work properly to know deeply enter jade Chien look into the contents of inside, but the surface that will work properly to know to distribute Chien at the jade, see here to exactly have cat to get fed up with.

Seem to across to resist for a sky, the head of Chen sees resist Chen in a sky after death.Resist for a sky, once the Chen hands stretch, a pair of matchless and sharp benefits claws, have already stretched to heresy dollar.


polo ralph lauren factory store "Yan in the Hong door?Anyway have no matter dedicate affability, not- crafty namely thief.However I again be not what somebody, these guy why will thus polite?"Wonder repeatedly, the gold is small to open don't know as well to should receive.

World also comes over to sit to the sofa to say:"This I know, however still keep having a little strain, there is no matter.It not be saying this affair.The jade is total, those three arrangements of teams how, do you want to have no so much?"

See three secretive persons take a thing to arrive at jade the doorway is at the male, then Lin Mu Xue says:"Etc., first don't urgently, after a while small Qian you after knocking on door and knocking on door, you hold throat to say the imperial concubine sent to come in and understood?"

"Not bad.Nothing important in fact also difficult matter, generally gobble up

polo ralph lauren outlet store "You don't want to come over!"The elder sister sees the Du flying to walk to come over and hurriedly and loudly shouting.

"Gou soldier, your immediately thinking a way for this young master , after waiting affair be over, must leave the surname sister in summer, don't torment them well, this young master heart annoys difficult eliminate!"Hear advising of Gou soldier Wei, the wrath in the heart of Li Heng Yang just recovered some, coolly stopped the step stands to settle in the cabin, the facing Gou soldier order way.

Left bosom Yu and left Huai were just originally brotherses, only isn't the brothers of blood relative.


"Our Pu pulls Si household, is most strongly certainly our western Wei Er count adults, there are in addition also two viscount adults and four baron's adults, as for be like me the similar blood servant contain more than 20 persons, there are also more than 100 blood Nus, we are Finland's strongest influences!"The guy being grasped walks on air a ground of Xu say, then disdainfully took a look Du to fly, " how, fear?"

3 people all have some accidents and have never thought three public in want to unexpectedly is all similar, with as for the thing shouting out is also all completely same.

"?No wonder that I see of all of huge absolute being soldiers are so big body figures, this reason."The gold is small to open suddenly, Dian those two crystal pits in the Dian hand, the gold is small to be filled with idea ground to get to his/her own crystal cube its income."The good thing stays to take out to use while having life danger, affirmation will frighten an enemy a jump.Hey Hey, say the real strength of this thing be perhaps not very strong either, but the body figure is big, absolutely is the most friendly meat shield."

"Can't?I before be not

The Du flies hand and foot tiny move, the burning fire works properly a monster to immediately press the Nai not to live, after shouting at top of voice, the Teng body rushed toward to come over.But the Du at this time fly seem frighten silly similar, an on every occasion allowed burning fire to work properly a monster to rush toward in his body.

Along with the opening of protection cover, more than 1,400 war ships of surplus immediately enlarge horsepower, quickly facing the sun the direction of ship shining on a country war drive to go and contend for now of is time.The eye sees the war ship speed of courageous country speed, the sunshine country one party war the sorcery on board motion immediately enlargement, along with sorcery motion of turn worse to bellow of voice this that Fu.The sorcery in several thousands of various colors plays to row an a way parabola to hit at courageous country war the protection cover on board on, play along with the sorcery of explosion courageous country war the ship Be a burst of to violently flutter, the protection covers up of sheen also immediately a weak.

The crane true person's order came forward to take a summer to blare snow to leave.

Returning a Yue or to recruit isn't not tightly slow and seem to to consume to die Du to fly, but recruit after cheating of seven dayses, Du's flying has already completely relaxed down, just want to learn more some recruits type of opponent old mans, basically having never thoughting will be found.

Don't know as well isn't oneself body up this not the integrity gobble up to check the additional ability for bringing, although"cut into slices analysis" ability is very friendly, only it isn't easy for this ability to launch, ten in at most can succeed a two, and the status is still unsteady, do things by halves very easily.However the gold is small to open not low-spirited, still keep insisting using this ability.

aurant for some dinner on the way.'

The gold is small to open to shake, slowly stand get up, at this time he just discover, oneself is also similar to that young girl, covered with a white full-length gown on the body, the barefooted stands on the ground.Passing by is first of vacant and flurried after, the gold is small to open a gradual town to settle down, soon then make pure present condition.He seems to be already to become a big summer clansmen that is called "Xia Yu" now, at the same time among thinking consciousness still blend many concerning this person's memory, only this kind of memory is fragmented and disorganized, the amount is also quite a little.


Compare a small circumstance of serious shortage for opening to attackstone dint of gold, but the impress of another part continuously send out relentless of attack, of her every act and move the strong Wei that was full of as the mountain power, almost have no hard not Cui, the lightning flows to flee in front of her, the Yan fire dance in the wind, the energy storm wreaking havoc tores an enemy of to pull into numerous broken bitses!

Hear the Du flies of sigh, the beard state is immediately silent to get up.At the mid-night yesterday the Du flew try to please have no falsely of behavior, let have a tiny phrase in his heart, but now see the viewpoint that the Du fly to peacefully speak to the upper level, and then make him overthrow last night fly the impression of settling the bottom to the Du, momentary a bit blurred get up, not know that the reality that the Du flies behaves exactly and how?

"That how afterwards?"Together and together the friendship sees the jade stopped down, not from cross-examine a way.

"Is dry!"This is that the gold is small to open on the last mind of collapsed and fainted front.

Although knowing oneself's this stupid lacking innovation method is at present more stupid, however also really could not figured out what good way.

"Hey Hey, all be not."The fire tooth uncannily smiled two- track:"That thing is created by another influence."

The gold is small to open to have never thought this matter so hasty, originally still hear the date that formally sets out in a few months, but don't want to unexpectedly want to so early prepare in advance.And after the officials that thunder emperor appoint contact up, the gold is small to open this just and understand originally this basically isn't a simple quest, actually, this large-scale activity that belongs to consociation.

Together the Huan is male is the spring autumn period

The fire tooth is in a short while silent, way:"This problem waits bottoms again with you say good, there seem the evidence that someone exists, you go over and have a look first."

"Like, do exercises in gymnastics, the teacher still has other affairs to have to be busy."Saw say about, the solid Lun did obeisance leader of alliance and then smiled to say with smile.

Sun Ge so good luck, if lose, perhaps I old woman Niang how whole cure me!"


Naturally, this shadow of human figure is the Du that gets small male to respect farmland news to fly.At the moment, he is using to work properly to know to observe the whole actions in the manor.

The top that the gold is small to open a mouth doesn't dare to say what, in the heart but is lambasting:"Your grandmother of, you a three ranks practice moral teachings, also not bashful come to humiliate me this'weak girl'?Is really how unreasonable, rascal add x-rated!"

I have never seen my friend look more surprised Then he laughed loudly.'Tell me where be got into your taxi and everything that happened.'

Wish God to bless you and your lover Be blessed to you forever.

"Carve a period, you can live here, " three young masters are very generous, "eat to all calculate ours, the vulture good successor work fee is CNY 100,000."

"Do you think?Is you still all right now?"The small voice of Lin Mu Xue says.

"Hum, there is skill for your boy!Dare to beat own brother-in-law!"Week small United States obviously also thought of that matter and had never liked spirit ground to reprimand angrily to a way.However she at this time heart in warm ocean ocean of, there is such a younger brother who concern her, the world still has what beg so much!

Once wore the window way of prison building to hope to go out, saw the sky in a cold ice of ice coagulation but become the bird is quickly flying toward the afar to, several next breaths have already disappeared at horizon.

O.K. this time only Qian Xiao Qing and Tang can son 2 people are what in the minds don't have other burdens, the others are getting more different, Lin Mu Xue and leaf's cloud Qian own problems didn't solve, which have too many ideas to see other people, Qian Xiao Qing is again different from Tang can son so what can speak.

The rice space council chairperson on the over screen smiles to order and then closed to contact a machine.

But say after person's soul that the this place Du flies divides time to wait 6 people to follow Chen Shi Bin to fly into that unattractive star, the absolute being knows a to sweep, discover the surface pit pit Wa of the whole star Wa, seem a painting book was been confused by the urchin to paint generally.


Sealed a Ling to turn over to turn over cold stare:"Spoilt daughter of a rich family, you still really edible, that thing doesn't say to didn't°yet be familiar now, even if Be getting more familiar, also be not just can eat now of, know to have great foresight for the future, know not?Now ate, tomorrow morning eat what?"

After secretly making to a hair of distance snow, the gold is small to open to also enter that hair"fusion" his/her own body according to yesterday's method.Gold small development in this process now, in fact "fusion" to be subjected to oneself consciousness control, if refuse fusion in the oneself mind, even can withdraw that hair.

I thought of Barrymore and Mrs Barrymore's worried faces.But Mr Frankland's next words showed me that I did not need to worry.

"Mama, how?And then what matter?"After walking into den, the summer thunder sees the facial expression that the summer blares snow very serious, not from nervously ask a way.

The gold is small to open one Leng, some strange way:"Why have no direct connect arrive on the earth?The star body of neighborhood ……I remember that seeming is all without air, very difficult existence of?"

Isn't a jade to fear them to tell a lie at the male what, jade at male mainly is afraid they can not recognize the then felling of pure they, here noodles jade at the male think greatly of most in fact to return be regarded as the circumstance of piggy, because the piggy mainly still sees with the on-looker's angle of, just can most true Be getting more objective, the words of world and beginning affirming still will be a bit subjective of, so can believe not ability whole letters.

"Yi?"All the way the brain of Liu Lao Gui gets very angry ground to make track for and see at the moment the Du fly pure cloud of breeze to thinly stand over there and don't seem to be strain at all, under the heart not from living to have a doubt again, is this guy to give him next son, make him don't escape so much?

Draw lessons from so much for a while, believe to send out four class sorceries to aren't problems!

In consideration of finally, the gold is small to open decision to still keep ignoring it, even if really need to ruin, also want at least after finishing releasing a dollar dint hole hole.

"Du eldest brother, this is the Xiao Hui, you see in the afternoon of the mix the boy is us of son after fly."See the Du flying to change direction Xiao Hui and allowing Ting to then and lightly wipe the tears on the face and smiling toward his introduction way.

"Certainly!"Little monkey while speaking of that emperor gentleman, seem to speak of spirit, in the tone deeply is a flavor for respecting and admiring."He is a somebody, if I can see him one side, live less decade I would like to!"


Don't lift a true person of great white crane to secretly issue order, let the green city pupil look for an in the national scope to named the gold Dan of flying the degree to expect monk.But say that the summer blares snow to return to after Hong Kong, it immediately lets the lately- established net of group visit a development department, the full speed gets into work status.

"The moxa rice hides breathing and maintains airship's lowest movable status."Freely ordering toward the moxa rice is a , the Du flies and then receives rather Peng to etc. person to arrive at a driver

"Do not go like this!"The eye sees the other party discover his to work properly sword to offend to break oneself defense, straight-tempered released defense to take the offensive with all strength, this let the Du fly not from anxious get up.

"Like, when the time comes you take me go to go, you return to you's room now!"The Du flies to inattentively flick and signals hint a young girl to leave.

Along with manipulate on the stage ray of light one Shan, a close behind the virtual person reflect to be like gradual formation.The gold was small to open to secretly adjust own the emotion for a while, take a smile to stand on the noodles at that the conjecture reflect to be like of opposite.That person has a liking for to seem a middle age about 40 years old man, uniform in whole body dark yellowish green color, all over deeply a special dignity to soldier is compatibly and certainly.

Calculate up is rushing through into luxuriant far star of Hao square fairy, the Du flies how to also have never thought, because of they etc. the person's emergence, unexpectedly recruit three fairy classes to the very small luxuriant far star superior.

Get on the car, in the middle of being a burst of and loudly moving, the big Kui launched car and drove toward a direction.But the Du fly on the rear row to shut eyes to take a nap.

The gold is small to open a shocked way:"You are to say, are all of these crystal pits what someone deposits in heres?!But, this amount isalso a little bit too many?"

"The spoilt daughter of a rich family of radicle boon household, very power and prestige!"Etc. sat to suspend a soldier car to return to airship up, the Du flies to see wave green the shape of one vice- cold Ao still and lightly satirized a , then walk to return to cockpit, cross legs to sit to close the eyes for a rest on the floor.

"This ……I really have been thinking that they are in that manners, and the flame body is also very handsome."


Seeing oneself and wave green didn't arouse everyone's doubt, the Du flies and then was green to pull down a part the wave and also affected a show ground to look into to have to just fight to remain of trace.

The gold doesn't quit and feel that this condition is really a Ke and engraves too much, advised two, helpless rice bamboo male personality pertinacity, free to side person how say, be dead not loose, till the last still explode with rage, in the right hand red ray of light suddenly now, the Shan's one punch bombs to flank of a piece of megalith, "bomb Long" one is huge ring, that megalith is completely bombed by this one punch broken bits, the vehemence is astonishing!

Face to face personally every time, reflect such as the Ji lotus water, is the all the most precious but beautiful the human life personal relationship.

Chapter 3 robs bank(bottom)

The predestination is thus of marvellous!

"Dong Dong!"The wave is just green to take out a bag of Peng to turn food boredom from the ring the ground eat and suddenly hear knock on door a voice and hurriedly let out spirit

Observed for a while the form on the field, the Du flew and discovered although that strange monster is strong,together and together Ya Yi Fang's real strenght isn't vulgar either, 3 people all obviously two star above real strenght, cooperate have been occupying the last breeze on the field.

The authorities didn't explain to the report that he dies take place of the whole affairs.However, it really the enunciation didn't murder among them of composition.Check the jazz of Er Si to die in natural reason;People relate of concerning his death of various stories are all not real.The his friend and doctor Zhan Mu Si the Fang μ Shu ┮ pays block the Cha Gu Tan Kang male brain noisy Jin Ji dumb Nao luckily joys ask to forgive than the Zhang?

After returning to the fairyland of Peng Lai, the Du fly this and divided time to contact for a while and then let out an emperor Ge's three elders, then the Shan body return to concealed bead space to digest just get from remembering of hush person.

Although clip ridge to close is more opposite than jade Zhen to close to say in brief some, that be just comparison and speech, physically operate, also very complex.So, the Du flies to have no technique ground like this arrogant a blunt, not only have no blood vessels blunt open, on the contrary let the blood vessels suffer not and lightly.Immediately, the one mouthful blood spews out from the Du fly.

However a short moment later on, the originally helpless Du fly was aroused interest by the sheepskin book contents on the bookcase, mostly some European ancient times mis up jotting down smell and pour to let the knowledge that the Du flies to greatly increase.


The Du flies of work properly to know just on exploring that islet, saw sorcery disappear after knotting the boundary gleam several the bottom, meanwhile, ten four the star class real strenght or so guy beginnings run about aimlessly on the whole islandses.

Have to say that the words of beginning compare the jade there is weight in the male's words of much, this time Zhao Ning Ying some awkward and shily see toward world, so many words all finish saying, but at last and finally want to see these two party concerneds.

But rather the Peng wait a person at the moment the positive oddness combat take why will isolate their to work properly dint to release, see the Du flying to take off gloves and then suddenly realize and equally acting in succession.Momentary eight handles fly sword to take quickly passing time the return hand over to mow in the sky, those variations portrait that just got off the ground next dumpling similar, the plop plop ground downwards dropped and resumed in the in a little moment the sky fine clear, had no a variation person to succeed in escaping.

The week world is who!

"BE ……yes ……cough."Drive once the Peter master clench, strange gram of Ci Wei immediately feels a burst of asthma and does the best first time in the location to answer a way.

That old Hey Hey sneered at several voices, way:"Is all birds of a feather!Now the whole that gobble up boundary so big affair, those in normal times the guy of inside power and prestige eight noodleses, anti- pour a to disappear quietly, perhaps is exactly their at the back to play tricks, otherwise of where will the words burst out to so many superiors!"

The gold is small to open to depend on that crystal stone with kingly Yao area to take out, sent to a dollar dint to go in Yao area gentleman the king awaken, then then added that Ling to the circumstance of wise powerful ruler body to say 1 time.The Yao area been awakenned gentleman the king start to be still not with full intention happy most , however when it finishes listenning to a gold small to open of relate behind, the whole individual is a shocked hair first to stare blankly, subsequently the excitement rejoices with wild joy.It just ignores the other party actually is what person, as long as can bring to life as mankind, can't care to any affair!

"Bomb!"The absolute being that flies along with the Du knows into a dollar absolute being core, the dollar of the essence the absolute being core is immediately a burst of to vibrate, immediately his absolute being knows medium creation a kind of felling that imitates a Buddha to return, whole

That will be the day. BE such a good;I am having a swell time. I have lots of fun

In the place that doesn't acquaint with, perhaps met with what weird living creature, in case of carelessly threw own small life, that really wrongs extremely.Is proper the gold is small to open to hesitate to want to turn a head to escape of of time, card's pulling has already shouted a , to in hurtle into.

"I have already made a phone call to notify an uncle."On getting off the airplane, Li Dan Shu loosenned tone, she and younger sister were on the whole safeties.Should the Du fly a , Li Dan Shu's noodles contains a Qi color again openings ask a way, "Mr. Du, you are true of at enmity with we leave together, I am still good friends with good will your boon to Helping of our sister."


"Yes, what elder generation don't believe?"Say the Du expects the or so degree released after flying will work properly to know to inhibit a jade liquid.

Was foolish in the library of Cairo for a day, the Du flew that found out some concerning soul stones also word phrase, however these word phrase provided a very important information for them, that is ancient Egyptian family of the deceased

The Cu cannot compares with to defend of drag along the persons like thunder,etc is deep-fried by this hair sign line shell of the chicken fly a dog to jump, a few dress under charges with worse black real strenght even drive deep-fried the flesh and blood Be horizontal to fly, disastrous-this is still that the gold is small to open to show leniency, a little bit deep-fry to be partial to the result for ordering, so is public is all to harm deathless.If take aim at exact center is deep-fried in the past, perhaps having no severals could live down.In times before they that defense for setting out light monster also drive deep-fried become smash, the power of clearly shows this sign line shell!

, Engage in small talk, have been already said to smile, the happiness goes to a pole. we are discussing, ignore before doing not have a class each time what can always find out a topic.the life seeing a senior high school for a year will end right away, the little money's school of science, it is how to don't give up in my heart!What to rejoice is that we all reported school of arts, misery of was his study result to order into an experiment class so much, but I am just common class of. O.K., the classroom almost is getting of, still can often see his, the in the mind still has a silk consolation.

Happy remaining, the Du flies to continue to open mouth to ask a way:"Is the enemy opponent of your teacher it those 3 that builds radicle early monk?"

See the Du fly to expose this skill, that younger brother even wanted to do obeisance into Du to fly a door to descend.That younger brother just thinking wear dead to tie up lousy dozen, however wolf demon but know that the Du flies a temper

Open heart, but also worked well preparation, if discover the circumstance contains difference and destroys for momentary the whole airship, when the time comes even if is ask for car wood 2 people make moves to deal with him, he also not the ability compensate into the whole Earth space.

See because mentally and physically exhausted but collapsed and fainted and past Li Jun Ye sing breeze to feel produce a matchless guilty felling in his/her own heart, sees his double arm on stretching to hug Li Jun Heng, double arm as far as possible jack up to make Li Jun's body Gao go out to sea a noodles front line to be unlikely be soaked by the sea water, but he arouses he and Li Jun to go forward just with the strength of the legs, although will consume physical strength leaf to sing breeze feel this more like this and Li Jun for himself the comparing of paid really have no what.So 2 people support to go forward in the boundless ocean each other and help in the god so much, these nine days to have been all is calm, 2 people are getting more hungry and then grasp to catch sea in of visit fish to fill stomach, although is living food very Xing total compare hungry strong.

She by leap and bound closed a web page, didn't dare to keep on seeing again.Those letters are like one regiment fire, can start to burn she always shabby heart.Does she think how can and so?The oneself and Wu Yus, dinosaur and prince originally is two persons of worlds.

"No wonder that!"The dime that is partial to a palace at this time, that emperor Ge expects monk after being responsible for this time with each other of the city the Qiao and see the clear Wan begin brachial there is Du in 2 people after flying, fierce a clap a forehead way.

There are some some qualities of maintain, having, there is some content, there is a little intelligence, there is one benevolence, there is the kindly heart of great breadth of view and female sexual instinct.The woman like this isn't old forever, beautiful forever!


Those 3 people are very quick and then wide awake, although the body is still very weak,the spirit fig ups very much.

That morning Sir Henry and Barrymore argued about Selden,the escaped prisoner.Barrymore said that it was wrong to try to catch Selden.

The "his name, " carter says, "is the gram of Xie Luo ·Holmes."

"You die!"The edge of knife in the crazy Hao hand is suddenly clipped tightly, however he face top have no one silk surprise, on the contrary and directly threw hand in of chop down knife, take out a gun from the bosom, doesn't hestitate ground to fly to button up a trigger toward the Du.

However world still keeps hasing some oddness, today jade at male how have some oddness, oneself at ordinary times like this, he


So, the gold is small to open to acquire this family training's work "smooth".

"Hum, there is skill for your boy!Dare to beat own brother-in-law!"Week small United States obviously also thought of that matter and had never liked spirit ground to reprimand angrily to a way.However she at this time heart in warm ocean ocean of, there is such a younger brother who concern her, the world still has what beg so much!

"The time arrived."The voice of middle age almost heard for canning not smell, but all people all.

The heresy dollar smells speech Hun however one earthquake and unimaginablely looking at to seal a Ling and project a Jing long grass in the eye and turn to namely die in a sudden, moment dreary come down:"You are getting wronger.Way, after changing in character is then evil, want to return to a way, difficult if ascend heaven.Is evil should be way, right.Only because the thing covers to annoy Ju, not the dint cuts off and how can see through original appearance?Such as Wan dress however, since be long dirty for dust and dirt, not a Cu can go, have to slowly wash away dirt and lightly pull out and start ability exactly my is new."

Will my heart captive.I ain't understand inside reason, but I will love her to arrive forever.


"Not a smelly vulture jade of?We three young masters invite in person and also take what shelf!If put at the beginning, you are to rush into thinking to our gold house, we can't want!"Hear the Du fly brush-off, the look in the eyes of three young masters immediately dimed a lot.He flank of the servant see the host's appearance, annoy gravamen in the heart and immediately broke out.

Listen to the meaning that the Du fly seem to be still to know his/her own son, small male respectfully the farmland is some tiny surprise, however he this meeting also so many Be getting more beyond the power to care, the imprecation ground flies to say to the Du:"Can the elder generation go fetch a paper pen for me?I drop a line for the elder in the clan."

"How, have what matter?"After treating Chen Xiang to walk into inside the room, the car Xuan station then signals hint Du to fly to sit down, then opens mouth to ask a way.

The black eyes projection together covers up the whole ray of light of dreamland, sealing Ling Wu Chu can avoid, a felling that is seen through spreads to a heart, this felling seals a Ling involuntarily like the Xiang madam's look in the eyes of, the double eye unexpectedly resumes to settle clearly.

From live production, from the macro view to the tiny view, arrive a civilian from the great man, the common heart really has many marvellous advantages.Person, really is expensive is having a kind of common heart, it can make people super to take off and make people seek after the good and make people know can be but BE, can not be but not BE;Knowing it should be but BE, not should be but not BE.The mood that is full of common heart is a kind of gentle, moderate, fine state.

"Is really funny!"And great white crane the true person entwined several after recruiting, the solid Lun does obeisance to take a blank on schedule and bursts into laughter to say.

Is small to draw to engrave an every where sweeping of the vigilance to see, in case run into what dangerous-this after all arrived at another space, will meet to hard to say everything.

Tang can son and jade didn't be ungrateful to Qian Xiao Qing's some kind of good intentionses at the male, Tang can son comfortable comfortable of slept a to feel on the male's bed at the jade, drive oneself's lover embrace at felling Tang of bosom can son is liked most , and jade at the male is to really embrace Tang can the son slept for a night, time once came to on the second day the whole arm is all some numbness, because drive Tang can son Zhen wear sleeping, so spirit blood some don't circulate.

'I'm sure he will be very pleased to meet you,'I said.'I must go back to the Hall now,and I shall tell him immediately.'

Treat after seeing pure at present prospects, the gold is small to open to cannot help but holding breath, the mind vibrates.

The gold is being small to open to return to fortress, discover that the orchid degree has already waited him in the top.The orchid degree pretty much knows an interest, to that work properly a solid affair don't interfere with as well, anyway the thing has already handed over a small gold to open in the hand, let him how use after.


The gold is small to open to slowly open eyes, a dollar with strong dint roars and shouts to flow out in his body like the wave tide sort, great power the body from head to foot that the gold is small to open Che thoroughly bottom ground forging some kind of, even even becoming each cell was more durable, full of rising source of vitality!

"I am going to verify an identity, and you?"The aviation harbor that didn't realize in that be full of remorse superior, the wave is green to change direction Du to fly to ask a way.At this time, also start beating to have in her heart small 99, as long as she can escape from to open Du to fly nearby, that can get away from is made and others' predicament!When the time comes fly one with the Du very small six star class perfect evolution body, see the energy cannon that he can resist ten star classes!

Resist for a sky, Chen also the air complicatedly looking at to seal a Ling , at present this person, person is oneself's teacher to care most , no matter how it is, oneselfs can not make him be subjected to injury, this is to resist for a sky, and the Chen has already affirmed.

"The elder is such, " sees the Du fly appearance with interrogative look, that reception monk smiles an explanation way, "by dint of the territory is this piece of main gold color jade card, the elder can be gratis to select by examinations the rank method in one handle of working properly of machine class sword, if the elder wants to select by examinations working properly of rank method machine class sword and also needs to additionally pay some contributions again to order."

"But, now these people all dead, you not is say to can defer decrepitude?"

15.The garbage is the talented person who mislays position.So, must put oneself to the post that makes you become a talented person but isn't a garbage while seeking a work.Certainly, the premise is that you has to know that you actually wants to do what, actually suit to do what.In the world the biggest tragedy nothing is better than in have too many young men and have never discovered what oneself truely wants to do.Ride donkey to seek a horse surely right, but, not and literally seek a head of donkey and then can find out speedy thoroughbred.So, must value the first work.

Can learn an ancient person, say a , ah, not with thing pleased, not with F sad, carefree visit before the hospital a peach blossom, thin see following upon success or failure, the person's whole life, how could exert like person's idea, but beg Be had a clear conscience to heart!

"So."The gold is small to open a point to nod, in the heart to the inside heart system said for pulling card resist device Be getting more interested in.Now is seen, everything here seems to be all to have something to do with gobbling up a pit to fasten, these still ability the stone statue top of head of the activity inset of, is a piece of piece of to gobble up a pit.

Bite crystal corpus here up, unclearly can see repeatedly intertexture of numerous sign lines together, and constituted complicated but mysterious 1 F pattern, even still take to have

"That why fight the person of alliance will find out here, and still does the pupil that you originally should depart from this life do conductor?"Na gram many elders tightly force the ground cross-examine a way.

"Asked on the whole a still don't calculate a stupid question."That person's words seem to be always so mean, don't know that this sentence calculates not to be regarded as as well to small open of cry up:"I of so pull you into this space, is because you are about to die right away."

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