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Needs to come to OSHKOSH!!!!!!!!!

sharon williams

One year already..one year of hope that this will end...I'll be at the March 10 rally...we'll show Walker and the republicans, the Koch bros and all of his supporters that we are strong...we will take our house back...

Liz Seefeldt

A location further north, please. Wausau & Eau Claire are both approx. 3 hrs. from those of us who live on Lake Superior - an awfully long drive.

Thanks for the consideration.


Revoke Koch company certificates of authority to operate in Wisconsin. Something we, the sovereign people, could always do from the beginning of the US when we took back sovereignty from some knigs. Don't believe me? POCLAD has some of this history. (not a member)

P.S. Where in those towns will it be? Hope for future email updates.

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Here, the walk is a hope! If you, your family will love you so


What time for the Vigil on the 9th?

A Facebook User

I hope the bus crashes with all the people on it!


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Joann Hertel

Whoever made the comment about wishing the bus to crash n burn...I pity your soul! I ask myself - who do we want running this state n nation? Shallow vindictive murderous people with no "respect for life" OR people of good conscience, who believe in freedom and democracy? I know with whom my heart and efforts lie... (my apologies to Walker supporters who were as appalled by this as I was)

Barbara DeTerra

Joann Hertel you forged recall signatures. Did you really think you wouldn't get caught? That's a felony. You will be going to jail.

Barbara DeTerra

It takes the taxes from 15 to 20 private sector jobs to pay for one public sector employee.
Obama policies hurt private sector growth. The Union leaders are wrong. For teacher and firefighter long term job security we must be free to create private sector jobs. Liberal policies are bankrupting our country. Bankruptcy means teachers and firefighter jobs are first on the chopping block. My husband is a retired firefighter-paramedic for Green Bay. I'm a retired Paramedic. My sister-in-law is a retired teacher. My maid of honor is still teaching. In short I have many friends and relatives who had unions jobs or still do. I used to be an Independant-moderate. I now find myself in the situation to vote strickly Republican for the sake of my country. Please look at the "actions and actual results" not the speeches and retorics. The EFT is solely in the hands of the private investment funds, the Governor cannot touch it.

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There is some validity but I desire accept hold assessment until I look into it further. Righteousness article , thanks and we hunger more! Added to FeedBurner also.

John Staley

Aluminum Gantry Train: ?????--word salad????

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Denver roofers

I much impressed with your post and I like this type of tour so much. I want to join this tour when you reached our city.

Karen Scott

I would like to react on Barbara DeTerra's comment. Is it true that bankruptcy means teachers and firefighter jobs are first on the chopping block? Why are they not giving much important to, us, TEACHERS? Had they known the kind of profession we have in dealing with those uniquely different individuals, they would have not come up to that kind of resort.


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The “Reclaim Wisconsin” Tour is a great event! i shall be on US next year i want to attend it or anywhere near my town.

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