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As a Packer season ticket holder. I was embarassed last week when a plane dragged a sign over Lambeau field saying to "defeat President Obama and vote for Scott Walker"??? 1) NOT appropriate, Un-American, non-sensical since Scott Walker is not running for President, --especially when it's followed up with a USA Jet flyover! --- Hypocrasy? 2) Since when has Packer ownership taken a public political position against the President of the Unites States before a football game? Very ill-advised in my opinion.

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Union members and recall activists have gathered over 507,533 signatures to reclaim Wisconsin and recall Gov. Walker in just 30 days!

This is a huge accomplishment, but we aren’t stopping now! Our new goal is to collect 720,277 signatures before the January deadline.

With your help we can surpass our goal and ensure that Gov. Walker’s on attacks

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let‘s tell our families and friends how much we love them;

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