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"!"Fluster the cloud Xi that the ground answers a summer throws of diamond necklace, if summer the Xi immediately inspected and had just the biggest diamond used for ceding territory plank summer cloud Xi and waited and saw a top and had no after obvious harm, this just loosenned tone and re- hanged a necklace to return to Bo.

The jade didn't get an any response of Qian Xiao Qing in the male's words, Qian Xiao Qing just shook to shake head to mean to don't occupy, then direct time oneself's room.

After 3 days, six small Yues see his/her own letter at announcing of campus column in.The surroundings time is a derisive taste, she is clear to see that very soft flower in her own heart, immerse a full cuttlefish evil juice liquid, a petal petal becomes twisted jet black, then tears to float to fall and sends out sharp fierce despair.

I feel to suppress panically.

"Does your voice seem to be a bit not right?How?"The gold is small to open not to hope that the fire tooth has what not satisfactory.

"If did you lose?"The heresy dollar asks a way.

"See come still the attraction of concealed alliance isn't enough big!"The great white crane true person can take to put nextly as well, see the Du fly to once hide a topic and then also no longer arouse him, covered up an after, then adjust to turn a topic way, " wants to necessarily fly true person of one degree already figure out reason of biding the general assembly this time!"

"Is small to open an elder brother, you on the whole is come out."

Only so of educate, can develop to tolerate, consideration of kid.

The check list that gets hold of a hospital, in a hurry rush through of week mother on the spot faint, and week small United States is also muddle-minded must like the sky fall generally, finally hear the voice of crying of younger brother just wake up with a start.

"You!"At the thought of that meeting oneself is strong to kiss at present of the very evil guy, police-woman not from abashed get red in the face, want to transfer a topic


Hear the Du fly to connect, in old Xu Xin a loose.He afraid that the Du flies to manage to all ignore to him, that means that Du's flying affirmation will display revenge to him.However listen to the Du fly words inside very Don't mention it, old Xu don't dare to neglect as well, connect voice explanation way:"Is all that the younger generation eyesight is poor, mistook elder generation for the son of Wan Mao, the younger generation was really blind dog eye!"

A moment called out at me also makes a firm decision at the same time and made to judge and had been already promised?

"President, He Jin luckily not Ru mission!"The person in villa in the summer house received He Jin Da at this time of telephone, a son person all rounds at opened to don't need to lift of telephone flank.However is unique not beautiful be, because He Jin on a ship what to use is a satellite telephone, so there is no video frequency, let they can not the first see to rescue of summer surname sister.

"The cocoa comes to, it is late, get up."The jade sees at the male the blind side of this curtain reveal that the calling of incoming ray small voice comes to Tang can son.

Once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting love, near at very short distance, but far and beyond the horizon-once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting

Everythings are all continuing, public of have no speech, cloud regiment of great anger ……

"Horse of, even do you also humiliate me?!"The gold is small to open burning with anger, prepare to die with the nail Nian this guy.Suddenly a mind opens from the small gold as the lightning flash of the at heart brush past, he not from get foolish Leng over there.

The gold is small to open strong dint attack and defense weapon that can use top now to only have five kinds:Bite crystal month blade, bite Tui AN and bite a treasure crystal cube, invoke monster ground fire monster the Jing and knife go a monster.Numerous materials of leaving, the Yao is to haven't cracked temporarily can not use, the Yao is that the power is generally unworthy a lift.Gold small happy bottom regrets:Oneself ever since that time stepped on to gobble up this road, the thing of detailed sees search to pare off a lot, arrive true just going to use of time but have no severals can take make moves, really is throw a person.

"It is also right.Their real strenght didn't°yet be enough."Seal a Ling to also agree with a way.Secondary rainbow clothes and Mu autumn, really didn't°yet that ability influence war situation, probably, God and ghost emperor come to just have that ability.

"On your body had this to print after recording, have what not good performance symptom?"

As for after of affair, then unclear with the ancient myth legend of Europe secretly and mutually with.


The leaf sings breeze to more fight more fierce, almost forgot own body up still existence sick and wounded person of, sing at the leaf breeze preparation with lend one punch shot Kui with all strength Sun Zhong of time, suddenly spread a Jiao to drink in the ear round:"The leaf sings breeze and sees a gun!"Originally Li Jun rushes over rescue after seeing Sun Zhong meeting with accident and finally rushed through to come over in the time of key.The leaf sings breeze on listenning to way, this orotund whole heartses all keep on sinking, since Li Jun rushed through to come from to have no opportunity to continue to attackstone Sun Zhong so also, an all carelessly be probably complied with the surrounding by Li Jun to kick out a bureau by himself/herself.The information that hasn't permitted a leaf to sing the long gun that the breeze thinks carefully Li Jun to take to shout offends toward his empress heart.

"Now that the affair have been already finished saying, that dust is wonderful and then takes leave!"See the bosom bamboo true person's facial expression, dust wonderful old way press down heart in of not quick, the Gong body embraced to embrace a boxing and had already turned round to leave.

Oh . . . Love, I am so sad that I need to b

"Is perhaps underground what the evil monster arouse of earthquake.Early front I hear and have the miner the trace for once seeing the earth Yin in the underneath, we more dig now more deep, perhaps perpetrate the attack of that thing."A triangle eye clerk of the works spoke his/her own guess.

After Du flew to leave with Niger duke, Ai Luo sits on the sewer entrance to think worry quietly.He is as fertile as skin, Zhan Mu Si isn't an own brothers, but in childhood at reform cognitive in the hospital of, at that time they all because beyond control gifted supernatural ability, but got into a many disasters to carry, was sent in to reform a hospital.His remarkable talent is a mentality, the skin is fertile to is a breeze, and Zhan Mu Si is a soil.

In the fairyland of Peng Lai because that matches the territory lord that the body expects the year often close the border, is usually been responsible for daily business by 12 big diverted period elders in the territory, but these 12 elders, then respectively BE:Emperor Ge of is four, the demon palace is three, the evil palace is two, the dint believe in 1 and read to believe in a , the feeling believe in 1.From respectively distributing of elder number, can see six contrasts of general situation dint real strenght in a Peng's Lai fairyland, emperor Ge is well-deserved of eldest brother;The demon palace is in view of the fact to constitute to°from the different, although have three elders, in addition to ally evil palace, peacetime not and other influence friendly intercourses;As for evil palace, and demon the palace form alliance and often cause disturbance for an emperor Ge;Dint, read, the feeling is three, then together annoy to connect, never participate in evil palace and emperor Ge two general situation conflict between the dints, just silently the tradition wear religious sect.

But seal to more leave to deliver he here, and request to give to seal Ling Zhan Jie's knife of, the Fan Jia Mo once thought by dint of sealed to more leave of fix for, may was evil kind of to this to have way to stop very much, fact proves, even if is to seal to more leave,have no way.

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See six very green actions, Lin Bi Yao immediately made sure the guess in the heart, not from is previous she and the Du fly the very intimate action is getting more embarrassed, the then stuffy head doesn't ring ground to walk fore the noodles starts to take road.

See after door open, the Du flies to have no hasty go in, but first listen attentively for a while, then just the Shan body go in, before those 2s' watching has never responded to come over, Zhang such as electricity ground the shot is dizzy they.

Chapter 93 converses the universe


Two year agos, M country of super can fight a brigade suddenly pre-eminent come out again, among them of positive pair the captain all are that six star classes are strong, let each general situation dint is greatly shocking on the earth.But the M country is super to fight a signing of brigade Wei target, chose these two years more and more pre-eminent Z country.

" Come to take back a hole mansion?"See a bearer not to talk, just a vigorously knock on door, connect tells" flies one degree elder not at"of the words also have no a function, worry China not from guess.

"The Wan son has already thought it over, hereafter even if throw life, don't regret as well!"

However you know to have feeling way and heartless ways 1 kind that are all big ways, that you why so some in the last yearses have been keeping clear of the Tu son of disappearing the old man, let she in vain the heart harm!"Hear the answer that the Du flies, the Peng is suddenly old air a fierce, the low voice condemns that the Du flies a way!

On getting into the deep place of forest, the leaf sings breeze and Li Jun and discovers have the spirit existence in a lot of spirit clans on this tree in the forest, each the persons who see the virtuous Wei of Ao pulling will come to a stop to toward him to salute to say hello and see of come out virtuous Wei of Ao to pull in the spirit clan to have a very high position.Not spirit Kui is the race of the most handsome United States of mainland, this spirit that go all the way to see in spite of all of men and women are handsome United States abnormality, no wonder that so many slave traders will emit great risk into Ji forest not in arrest the men and women of spirit clan.

Is heavy to ride a soldier again pay several ten lives are behind finally and the hussars face to face, weigh to ride the soldiers to face these defense dint the hussars of the underneath flicked the war knife in the hand, mow to take the life of these hussars.The hussars cannot compare with to defend to suddenly increase, but become accustomed to the other party under dead and injured in the Cu

"I also can't." Forgot to touch touch back part of skull, the ground of Han Han smiled to smile.

"My heel!"Drive once the plain Chang Zhe arouse, the small male respects two fire, direct all pushed forward the wagers before the body to wager pond, then also learned a similar label of plain Chang Zhe 3,500,000 checks, threw into.

This weapon has been already completed at that time, however the summer was crazy to proceed from careful consider, the end hides this weapon.Luckily he did preparation like this, because of soon after he because of reformation mankind but be arrested.If the elders that arrest him know existence such a weapon still of, perhaps they can't so tolerate to the crazy summer, but direct kill off he.

Of war capability.As for the beard Ti son, blue mountain sword and beard the righteousness is three early monks to dollar baby, fix for all promoted to a dollar baby's middle, but cave stone mountain the person wait six monks of dollar baby's middles and then all promoted to a dollar baby behind expect, only the D mountain expects monk after waiting originally three dollar babies, at present although come to a the peak that a dollar baby expects,still keep differing to face one feet in the door, have never broken Qiao to expect.

The time that has lunch, the everyone nature is to make and smile, greatly clap my Ma Pi.The white son Hui then sits quietly and reads Sung phrase.


"Is small to open an elder brother?How?"The Wei fingerling discovers small opened to seem to be stunned in a short while, felt some oddness, distance snow of the one side also used concern

This light monster looks is ugly, the top half is like a long arm crocodile, second half shen but grew two thick legs and a tail like the dinosaur sort.

Seal to traverse once the words finish saying, again the Lun has a war to rob knife.

See the Du fly an arrangement if the rat eats a bait, rather the Peng a little bit responded on thinking to come over.If the new Ji dragon be just led, see don't have been the same kind in the gourmand if the rat then lets go of to rob a food before being vigilant mind naturally, but at that time rather the Peng then can block up the back route of Ji dragon, so as not to arrive the fat meat of mouth to run.

Have already changed into of the same size at the moment that gold color palm falls in, but the pressure makes all puppets all collapsed and fainted in the past and resisted to accept Xian of no exception, have already could not felt thoughting of puppet.

"In addition to Liu dragon, in the that time still the existence is other a few violent living creatures, all different race that is no more lousy than a Liu dragon.However the great power brings of only have destruction, these living creatures were afterwards all thoroughly destroyed completely by the big summer clansmen."The fire tooth lightly says.

"This is to give those the real strenght is weak person's an opportunity to withdraw, " Louis Si thin track, "otherwise in the test of behind, they will wildly send life!"Say the Louis Si imitated a Buddha to think of what, sighed tone.

"Is really interesting!"The gold is small to open to curiously pick up one on ground of fragment, lightly became on kneading powder.

"For this kind of shameless scoundrels, Na gram many elders need not get angry, we still step up salvage wound member."Let after strange gram of Ci Wei pipe down, the Du flew toward the Na gram many elders to advise to solve a , then strong to three five planetses proposal way.

Because the leaf sings breeze and Lee to handsomely join to make black tunic person's pressure greatly increases, the tunic Xiu brandishes of already rather originally so natural and unrestrained from such as, the scope defending also livings to rarely narrow half.The distance sits upright at the big on the rattan chair see personal square of the offensive is smoothly unusually naturally very happy, but seven kill a bursting upon of to make him tiny to seem to be some astounded, however immediately and then with release however, after all those nine black tunic persons of the real strenght is all equal to ten squares five ranks are strong in the mainland the level of .However this kind of released however dided not keep on much for a long time and then thoroughly became furious, after that black tunic person gets into seven to kill he always close

"The Du flies, your honesty's telling I, what did you exactly experience in the fortress?"Wait until Du to fly instauration as usual after, the Louis Si asks a way with serious look.Spirit's casting a glamour in the blood clan only then a count class above superior can use, so say, the Du flew the blood clan of affirmation and count class to once exchange blows!


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