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Getting dems in is not the answer. This lesson will be painful one for WI to learn and it also takes too much time. GENERAL STRIKE will get you where you want to go!

Alan Kassien

I agree with Terri's comment. Democrats are not the answer, they're simply the lesser of two bad choices, but the only semblance of a choice we get in this recall election. A general strike or some type of revolution will really be more effective in terms of getting rid of the problems. Our former representative democracy is history. It's a sham, it's severely manipulated and rigged ... you are seining blatant evidence of that with the "fake" democrats. And there's more we that's not so blatant.


Terri - Getting dems in IS the answer. Its not all about Unions, ya know. Please consider ALL who are affected by Scott Walker and his crony friendly bills. Not just those in Unions. Thank you.


I think I need to amend my comment; a general strike would include more than just Public sector Unions. So I agree, in part, to what you have to say Terri. However, I do feel that Wisconsin has some of the best and bravest Democrats in the nation - therefore, we should save them from recall. I feel that, if all goes well, they will remain in office, however with such dirty tactics that we have observed from the extreme right in rigging votes, presenting false democrat candidates, etc, we may have a tough time of it. I do believe we need a strong independent to step up and we also need to have a system in place that makes them accountable for what they preech. We need an Honesty Clause for our elected officials and a greater amount of honest voter education.

Judith Kelly

God Bless the strong Wisconsin citizens for staying strong and standing up to the lying and manipulating corrupt politician/bullies. Thank God for the AFL-CIO. At no time do we need unions than this. Without the Union, we're doomed to low salaries and poor treatment of workers. Thank you Wisconsin! Thank you AFL-CIO!


I think we should do what California did. Orchestrate a major traffic jam in Madison so that the Republicans can NOT get to the capitol for their redistricting efforts. I here they are rusing so the less time they have the better. Maybe once a week??? Debbie.


Sorry about the bad grammer, rusing s/b rushing.

Richard  Berghofer

Defeat evil conservatives. Vote for the hero running against

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Don't forget about the wind energy company that decided to take it's business elsewhere when it became apparent that Wisconsin (uh...I mean Walker) wasn't interested in this form of renewable energy.

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