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Congratulations. Remember, our fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers had to stand up to the power of corporations and their hirelings.

It is human nature. If slave holders could justify the torture of women, the selling of children, the burning to death of me who resisted, then it is nothing for those today who believe workers are paid too much.

Like the slave holders really believed that God intended them to have the fruit of other's labor -- and torture and brutality was how they got it -- the corporate big whigs really believe workers should shut up and accept table scraps.

Don't feel too superior -- you would feel that way if you were a slave owner, and if you were a corporate big whig. Human nature.

Stand up, we live in a country where these people can TRY to screw the working man, but we can stand up and fight back.

What the Koch brothers, and Murdoch and others have done, is simply to buy the propaganda machine of FOX spews and hate radio, and feed into the stupidity of people who don't know their history.

We should teach real history in our schools -- teach what slavery was really about. Teach how the struggle for the working class has been ongoing, and how people have suffered and fought to give us what we have today.

If people knew the history of the struggle, they wouldn't fall for that FOX news crap, which is just a propaganda arm of the corporations.

judy Mac

GO WISCONSIN, GO OHIO, GO UNION....FIGHT.. You never want to become the right-to-work State like Florida. Without Unions that's what you are... at the mercy of the profit...

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