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John B

Don't forget about the wind energy company that decided to take it's business elsewhere when it became apparent that Wisconsin (uh...I mean Walker) wasn't interested in this form of renewable energy.

Chris Hitchcock

I challenge you to Thunder Dome Walker.

Ann Kraemer

So many people also don't know how Walker's bill is taking money away from disabled children and adults that cannot work. My daughter who is now 21, was injured in a car accident 3 years ago, he wants to put her in a nursing home and let the Federal government take care of her instead of having her at home where she belongs because this way our state money doesn't have to worry about her! A beautiful, smart 21 year old girl in a nursing home this would give her nothing to try and live for. What if it was his daughter!

Anthony Mark Happel

While I applaud any effort to stand up to Walker's horrible scorched earth politics I have to say that this kind of preaching to the choir messaging is largely a waste of time and effort. First of all, you're sending this to people already in opposition to Walker. You're preaching to the choir here, and because Walker's side knows you're preaching to the choir you can gather thousands of clicks and they will simply say there are also thousands who support what they're doing. You need to start getting some serious messaging out to the world. Where are the TV and radio PSAs? Where are the press conferences to update people and respond publicly as Walker and his lackeys do their business? Where are the town hall meetings to tap into the potential activists out there. Your tactics are just not enough. We're up against billions of dollars on the other side and the only way to counter that is numbers. You have to get to the average American voter, the independent-minded people who may be indifferent a lot of the time. Get it to the people en masse. We're getting demolished in the media every day and we have no public media presence to counter them. PLEASE RETHINK YOUR STRATEGY! Thank you.

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God Bless the strong Wisconsin citizens for staying strong and standing up to the lying and manipulating corrupt politician/bullies. Thank God for the AFL-CIO. At no time do we need unions than this. Without the Union, we're doomed to low salaries and poor treatment of workers. Thank you Wisconsin! Thank you AFL-CIO!

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I like to get the normal united states voter, the independent minded individuals who may be unsociable a lot of time. Get it to the individuals. I am getting press every day and have no community press existence to reverse.

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Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: Open For Business Or Turning Away Jobs? - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

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Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: Open For Business Or Turning Away Jobs? - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog


Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: Open For Business Or Turning Away Jobs? - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog


Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: Open For Business Or Turning Away Jobs? - Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Blog

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