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Wow, I thought this committee seated primarily Republicans. Are they making him a sacrificial lamb? I don't really care as long as his lies are finally catching up with him.

Dream Flies1962

So with all the lies being put out on the table what's going to happen?? NOT A DANG THING watch and see he will wiggle and lie right out of his lies.

up yours

my dad was all union until he wanted to higher his own children to work for him.the union thugs said NO you have to higher who WE TELL YOU BUB.he dropped out of the union.you know the union that is for the middle class or is that there own ass.as far as i am concerned you can take all of your unions and shove them up your *^&%* %$&^* asses.


Uh, it's "hire" not "higher". You must be against education, too.


If people would only read his budget bill, they would see these protests are not just about unions. He guts our anti-pollution laws to reward his big donors like Koch Industries, which owns Georgia Pacific, which has been polluting our waters for years and against which we just got regulations. But immediately Walker struck away those regulations, letting them free to add more toxic chemicals and phosphorous to our rivers. There is a LOT more like this in his bill; constant rewarding of his biggest contributors while taking away from the elderly, the disabled, cities, counties, police departments, schools, and on and on. He and other Republicans want to bust unions only because they support Democrats. Without their support, there would be a one-party system in American, otherwise known as a dictatorship. That's what Walker and his buddies want, and anyone who can't see that is blind.

Christine McDonough

To up yours
People hiring family members is nepotism & yes the union would not allow it. All organizations are going to have rules that some of their members don't like, unions are now exception. Sounds like your dad supported the union when it benefited him but didn't agree with it when it protected other workers rights. In most cases I'd say if you don't like a rule in a union get involved & try to change it. Unions do have elections & policies that can be changed. In this case however, I don't think you would have a chance getting a union to endorse nepotism. Nepotism is a huge reason to many workers want a union. I worked in corporate America where I saw family members & friends given jobs they were not qualified for at higher salaries than long term more qualified current employees. To me that is just not fair or moral. When layoffs came many of these people kept their jobs while other more qualified people were laid off again unfair & a bad business decision. If you had ever been in this situation you would also see how difficult it is to approach a boss when their family member isn't pulling their weight or is screwing things up. Nepotism is bad for business & the business's employees. I also believe it's bad for the person who gets the job in this manner. The child who gets a job like this from their parent's position doesn't earn it & therefore doesn't understand what it really takes to get a job so they don't learn essential skills for finding & keeping a job. While on the job they may not learn as much as others, fearing for their own jobs would not question them. You are probably better off now that you had to do it on your own. The union & your father are most likely both better off parting ways if your father did not want to be a member. There are many places that are not union that also have a policy against nepotism. My husband worked for IBM & they had these rules but no union. They even had rules that said that a manager & employee could not have a friendship outside of work. So this situation is not exclusive to unions. I have never personally been in a union as it has been difficult for software developers to form unions. It is my understanding that since my husband left IBM they do have a small communication workers union which I think is great.

Just so you know when IBM closed it's plant in Kingston NY in the early 90's it decimated that whole area with layoffs. A lot of the jobs were shipped to Germany because they could not do to the German workers what they did to the American workers because of their strong union. My husband & I lost everything when IBM closed that plant as they were the only major employer in the area & our housing market crashed when they pulled out. Many, many of us lost everything except of course the debt we had to carry with us because our mortgages exceeded what you could get on the market, if anything.

The company that I worked for has replaced most software developers with H1B visa holders, as the software giants lie to the government & say there are not enough developers in the US. My job was advertised the day I left & every day for the past 2.5 years. They turn down American candidates & continue to claim they need H1B visa workers but it's a lie, they just want to drive down the cost of labor for workers while raising the executive salaries to obscene levels.

Excess at the top of corporations & greed are the problems that plague America not union workers.

Ron Smith

"my dad was all union until he wanted to higher his own children to work for him.the union thugs said NO you have to higher who WE TELL YOU BUB.he dropped out of the union.you know the union that is for the middle class or is that there own ass.as far as i am concerned you can take all of your unions and shove them up your *^&%* %$&^* asses."

So, now you're bitter because Daddy couldn't hand feed you, and wipe you witto bottom for you? Gee...what a shame! Anti-Union, but Pro-Nepotism. Your Daddy must be soooo proud. I thought you Tea Bagger types were rugged individualists?

Jon Smith

To: Up Yours

You obviously have no idea what you are talking about... How would your dad "drop out" of the union if he is the owner of the business. Which is what you imply in your first sentence. He (i.e. your Dad) cannot deunionize his company... that is done through a vote from the workers.

Get educated before you post something...

P.S. not only is it "hire" not "higher" you should have used "their" not "there"

Richard Luchsinger US Navy Retired

Oh so nice - only daddie can wipe you. My heart bleeds for you!!!!
Remember one thing and remember it well - the unions "are" what made this Country and more likely than not - made your daddy's business too. Oh, I'm not a union member - but I can see, can you?

Kevin Frederiksen

What the republicans would like to see, (along with a one party system,) is a poorly educated "under-class" of workers with no rights. You would not have any government protection on wages, hours, working conditions, safety, workman's compensation, disability, health insurance, or retirement. These are all things that the union movement fought and DIED for in the late 19th and throughout the 20th century. The idea is, you work for what they pay you, you never have the chance to elevate your station in life, and they can fire you for any reason what-so-ever at any time. And they don't have to pay the taxes, YOU DO! They just simply sit back and get wealthier and wealthier on the backs of the workers. It's a "turn-back-the-clock" approach to the days of the great industrialists and robber barons at the turn of the 19th-20th century. Sorry! This far, and no further!

Kathleen White

The State of Wisconsin has had collective bargining for 52 years and now the GOP and Walker want to go backwards. No compensation but "sweat shop" wages and no protection for the working person. Schools...education, only if you are lucky enough to be able to send your kids to private school and on the wages and "benefits" afforded by WALKER believe me it isn't looking good. Seniors and children no food or medicine, too bad, you don't deserve it, only the big business does. Remember, when Gov James Doyle left office there was a surplus, Walker walked in and gave millions to big BUSINESS and declared "Wisconsin open for BUSINESS. Doesn't say anything about the people. We do have rights and must fight to protect what we have.

SOLITARITY now! - Grandmas Against Walker


I am glad that Kevin Frederiksen pointed out the efforts to "de-educate" the American people. This is an issue that screams for public attention. Knowledge really is power. Those who have learned about our mistakes of the past are not likely to allow those mistakes to be repeated. If the majority of Americans compared the quality of life we have in the US today, with the quality of life found in the more advanced nations, change would be forced, getting excessive corporate power back on a leash. Keep the public ignorant. Ignorance leaves them largely impotent. Perhaps this is why Republicans have railed against education (and the educated) for decades.


The "wants & needs" of a Union. Get around this!


Union myths:



Greed, no way around it!

Talk about greed? Here is proof that the taxpayers are being fleeced by the Teachers Union in the state of Illinois.



It is time to "re-think" what we are all about don't you think?

How can a Union member get his Union dues refund?


Given enough to wall st.

tater, there is no doubt that unions have misbehaved, they just haven't screwed most of us as badly as the corporate masters have. I'd rather see unions holding the line for workers rights and making some mistakes then see all the Republican and wealthy act as if we don't need living wages, affordable health care or a social safety net in our later years.


TaterSalad and Ron Smith are you anti-union because that is what is best for workers or are you anti-union because you are ignorant and proud of it? Unions are like mini democracies, they are a reflection of their membership. There are people within the union who are liars and cheats just like anywhere. But the concept of unionization is a benefit for workers whether they are members or not. Unions were a response to employer abuse. The unimaginable exploitation of massive numbers of hard working God fearing people is something the greedy, power hungry, control freak, predatory class of disgusting humanity has been engaged in for centuries. The forming of a democratic government was supposed to have created a society that was decent and just by offering freedom and equality and justice. Our democracy has been taken over by these same despots and is under total assault by the privileged self proclaimed elite. As long as nitwits like you side with the forces that seek to oppress them, we the people have little chance to overcome the evil they sow.

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A bunch of illegalities is there in the path of Mr Walker. Its good to work for the best and the members also started did the same.

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