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I stand with Wisconsin, high time someone kicked the looter's gravy train off the rails! Parasites are always upset when they are refused by their hosts!

Concerned Taxpayer

"All that seems indispensible in stating the account between the dead and the living, is to see that the debts against the latter do not exceed the advances made by the former."

James Madison

Sadly, governments seem ill equipped to make a proper accounting of their future obligations when there is collusion between unions and the politicians to hide the pension burdens that they are placing on future generations of taxpayers through the collective bargaining process. These promises were not made at arms length but rather as a gratuitous slap on the back by solicitous politicians in exchange for the paid for votes of union members. Taxpayers are now being forced to pay for this political incest and improper accounting at the point of a gun.

Who is John Galt?


The uber rich are not wage-earners. They collect usury...

And where did they get the money to loan? Do you claim that it takes no work to determine a good investment, or that loaning money is not a valued service? Interest is rent on money, the same as paying rent for an apartment or paying for the lease on a car. Incidentally, if you have a savings account, you are also an usurer, since you collected interest on that money.


Someone's gotta take care of defense. Shall we reinstitute conscription and have them do it for free, instead? I don't think soldiers would want to trust their lives to those products in battle

...and other ill-gotten gains

The only gains that are "ill-gotten" are those which are stolen from others through the medium of government force. Without the government to hand out subsidies and corporate welfare, the only way a company has to get your money is to earn it. Union dues that are involuntarily held back from someone's paycheck by government edict, OTOH....

Alexander Marriott

Why don't you people go do something productive--like read a book, start a business, mow your lawn--instead of badgering a state government with no money trying to be serious about solving the structural budget issues in the State? Unions have privileges, not rights, and it's high time that these privileges were rolled back, curtailed, and made to serve the interests of the public--their employer.

Robert Cons

Any union do not have the right to force their employer to do anything at all. Any negotiations between a group of workers calling themselves a union and their employer can only be on a voluntary footing between the union and their employer. If there is an impasse between the workers and their employer, the workers can quit and seek other employment or the employer can fire the workers and seek other workers for hire.

There is no such thing as a "right" to work. A person only has the right to the actions of seeking work and to contract with a potential employer on a voluntary basis or that individual can take the actions necessary to start his own business.

With the immoral sanction of government, a lot of unions in this country have used coercion against their employers and have destroyed for the most part many once-productive industries, e.g., the railroads, steel and auto-industries.

Mindy Newton

Forced membership in a group the employer is forced to bargain with is completely illegitimate.
The striking teachers are a spectacle arousing nothing but disgust. They fail utterly to do their jobs, for which they are over-paid, and they hysterically claim that they respresent the values of children and education? Most of them are vile, insincere, and ignorant; and constitute destructive influences in the lives of the poor kids forced to waste their days at "school."
Monopolistic unions are tyrranical and endlessly wasteful, spawning and feeding on corruption and protecting the worst practitioners among their ranks.

Nike Shox

The idea has alternative. A little mystery novel!!

Nike shox

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