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Jim Bains

Even in the "Right to Work Cheap" state of Alabama we are following the struggle of Wisconsin's workers. Keep it up brothers and sisters.

Chris Reynolds

We are with you all.
On Wisconsin.


I'm in Atlanta, GA, another "right to work" state. However I have blogged about this for weeks now. I stand with Wisconsin in spirit and with the power of the pen. http://kaystreet.wordpress.com/

John Baldridge, PhD

Solidarity, Sisters and Brothers! As a proud public union member in Washington State, I will stand with you against this outrageous denial of civil rights. How can we contribute to a strike fund to help sustain struggling workers in the days ahead?

The Jimmy Z Show

Yeah, I'm thinking this WILL stand. Hate to tell you, the days of your ongoing ponzi scheme with the taxpayers' money is over. The beginning of the end, right there in Minnesota. And your heroes - imagine! Jesse Jackson? Low class shyster paying off his hussy with donor money. Michael (eat)Moore? A wealthy hypocrite, making money the old fashioned way and cursing everyone else who would do the same.

So there it is - You can block me, you can delete my message, but you can't stop what has started. It will stand. Listen up: You're done.

Nobe Headings

Evidentally you haven't heard. The moral revolution has begun. People have discovered, thanks to Ayn Rand, that we aren't our brother's keeper, our lives belong to us. Therefore your plundering days with your hands in our pockets are numbered.

Rick Berrie

I stand with Wisconsin, and therefore support Scott Walker.

John Galt

This is a victory for the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

Repeal The Bailouts

This WILL stand. There is a blatant conflict of interest involved in allowing politicians to buy votes with unsustainable salary and benefit plans, and passing the bill for it on to the next generation. I'm proud to stand with the courageous heroes in the Wisconsin State Senate for taking the first step in putting a national end to this outrageous form of public corruption, once and for all.

Dave in NYC

NYC is with you, Wisconsin. You are an inspiration to this private sector worker who understands how much we all owe to organized labor. Also, Ayn Rand fans: hate to tell you, but we really are each others' keepers, and I don't need the Bible to tell me that. I'm not always happy being in the same boat with you, but I wouldn't let you drown. How can those of you who oppose big government support what Walker and his Republican thugs are doing? Where does all this hate really come from? Clearly the common threat facing us all comes from the corporate takeover of our government, not from our neighbors and fellow workers.

erin ryan

I am with you.. it's time government got off our backs and quit spending our money on wars, bridges and the governor's mansion: power to the people~!
I too wish I were a teacher to make 70 K/yr... beats being self employed...

John Galt

Dave in NYC, the only hate that I see in Wisconsin is from the unions directed at the taxpayers.

John Galt

It is great to see brave elected officials stand up for what is right against union thuggery, and not run away and hide.

Dale Findlay

Don't confuse the voluntary helping of someone with being "our brother’s keeper". What's been lost in this country is the concept of individual liberty and total responsibility for oneself. Our government was formed as a Republic with limited democratic capabilities. Democracy has been described as "two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner". Politicians and Unions are the two wolves and the taxpayers have been the sheep. Now (finally) the sheep are fighting back. Also, don’t confuse “crony capitalism” (were Politicians that are in bed with corporations that “play ball with them”… ) with Real Pure Capitalism (unfettered business competition).

John Alway

I stand for individual rights and thus liberty. I, therefore, support the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker. This is only the first *small* step in reclaiming our liberties. The truth is that with freedom comes prosperity. America would be *much* more prosperous if not for an over bloated and intrusive gov't. It would improve the lives of every person willing to work. Reduce government and everyone wins. Increase it and we all lose. It's both morally and practically the way to go.


Dear Thinking People, Don't waste your energy trying to persuade the dupes whose minds are corrupted by the propaganda of the highly paid talk show shills. Please search Huxley’s Ultimate Revolution and you’ll understand why it is useless to try to communicate with brainwashed dupes. They love their servitude. They have been programmed to oppose “big government” because the government is the only institution that can provide a check against the WEALTH CONFISCATION of the robber barons. Of course that’s why that robber baron in Michigan wants to abolish all local government and privatize every thing. This is the 11th hour. The fact that we slept through the last 30 years of use and abuse by the ruling class has embolden them. They think they can put the final padlock on the chains of the wage-earners. IT’S ALL UP TO THE UNIONS OF THINKING, AWAKENED PEOPLE. We need to teach the robber barons a lesson. NOW.

John Galt

The only wealth confiscation going on in Wisconsin was the unions collecting from the taxpayers.

Hillary Clinton

Finally, Wisconsin has broke the stranglehold of the fat, cigar smoking union bosses and thugs

John Galt

Finally the taxpayers of Wisconsin have a seat at the negotiating table, no longer will unions be able to secure deals with a wink of an eye from politicians they have bought and paid for.


Organized union theft of personal property at the hand of bought politicians is coming to an end. Your mooching days are over, the people who pay your bills are finally fed up. All the whining in the world won't change reality.


Then why are all the states without collective bargaining illiterate and poor?! You people are ridiculous! Not only is Scott Walker taking away from our childrens education, he's taking money right out of your pockets and giving it to his big business buddies. And when his buddies own our power plants and raise your costs of heating and lighting your homes will that be ok with you too? You're all blind and selfish individuals! This will come back to bite you in the ass. And I hope there's not a nurse around to help you!


All GOP members who pushed for this should be sought out and arrested then removed from government for all they want is money for themselves. But they will all suffer once they see that what they have done is to cause an end to public service jobs which include fire,police,EMS, and soon it will affect doctors and nurses and yes right now teachers and others. This cannot continue and it is up to the governor to put a stop to what the GOP has done otherwise this is going to cause major unrest across the entire state and I swear if Minnesota follows this same path we will have to demand the immediate removal of all lawmakers along with the immediate removal of all lawmakers in washingtone including the president.

John Galt

The Democrats that ran from their obligations instead of staying and voting should be arrested.

The states without collective bargaining are no more illiterate or poor than the states with it, and in fact right to work states have lower rates of unemployment than closed shop states.


To all of those who are in support of the GOP, the Gov of WI do you all not relaize that what they have done is to cause the end of these jobs for teachers, fire , police and EMS? Are you so blind that putting an end to these unions that the heads of these unions will cause the end of all of these jobs?
I gurantee you that this is going to cause disruprions in services and jobs. As far as I am concerned ALL lawmakers including the governor MUST be immediately removed from the senate and house and arrested for their actions. ALL Government spending must be ended and all pay to these so called lawmakers must be suspended and all of that money returned to the taxpayers as we ill have to start paying for public services such as police,fire,EMS and mail.

Rob Van Aken

It is time the Unions and government got their hands out of my pocket! Thank you WI legislators! Bravo!

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