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Lee Henderson

It is paramount that solidarity is shown across the nation. It will be abosolutely important to send a message that the people are united and we will not accept deterioration of the foundations that have paved the way for workplace safety, definition of the work day, and most importantly a voice in the workplace.
Solidarity In WI


This is a wonderful website and great information.
I just wish you had a printer friendly version to make it easier to for me to pass this info out to others
Thank you


Is there anything going on in Appleton? The closest I could find is in Kaukauna.


Lawn signs are appearing all over Oak Park Illinois stating
"Union-Stand for Solidarity". The Democratic Party of Oak Park Illinois and Senator Don Harmon have provided the signs. Wouldn't it be great if signs appeared on lawns across the nation? Unions -United we Stand!!!


In 30 seconds, this video sums up what is totally wrong with Public Sector Unions and why the taxpayers are wanting change as Barack Obama wants promised everyone. Thank you Mr. President!




Maybe the Union should go get Drew Peterson to do some picketing with them. He'd do it for a a couple bucks an hour! He was a fine Union man!


Can you understand this Public Sector Unions? Your time has passed, get over it. The taxpayers who pay your wages, benefits and legacy costs are broke and tired of footing your extravagant life styles and here is an example of who supports who:


Ken Previti

The "Ed" show helped you - I hope he can help teachers and public workers in Illinois!
Please, please show your readers/viewers what is really happening to Illinois current and retired teachers. I will mention only the very major points; there is much more... The Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago (and other big business) is actively, openly trying to "reform" the public pension system of Illinois, starting with the teachers' union. Mr. Ty Fahner brags about writing legislation for Illinois politicians and has boasted that his pension tactics in the private sector would be criminal, http://preaprez.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/anders-lindall-takes-ty-fahner-to-school-on-pensions/ .
Tremendous amounts of money have been spent on anti-teacher ads, blaming teachers (and their unions) for the state of the Illinois deficit even though it is common knowledge that the state of IL has not made its lawfully required pension payments for years. Outrageous videos can be seen everywhere; for example, a video with an unseen teacher who is literally the wolf at the door http://preaprez.wordpress.com/2011/10/18/the-shameless-scare-tactics-of-ty-fahner-and-chicagos-1/ ; a very clever video (made by Illinois is Broke) turning we "little people" against each other in the name of working together (even admits that the state has NOT paid its share of pension fund) http://www.illinoisisbroke.com/?utm_source=ILB+e-news+blast+3.22.12&utm_campaign=ILB+e-blast+3.22.12&utm_medium=email . The wildest hate-mongering is a video literally sayng that teacher unions are bullies (I'm not making this up!) http://www.sglf.org/illinois-teachers-unions - this was produced by the State Government Leadership Foundation, an arm of the Republican State Leadership Committee. The Illinois Policy Institute, a "non-partisan" associated with Americans for Prosperity (a Koch brothers group), sent a "report" to Chuck Goudie stating that many teachers are NOT contributing to their pensions http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=news/iteam&id=8646860 ; this is untrue. Period. All teachers pay into their pension - this is state law; pension monies are deducted just the way FICA taxes are. Some school districts have paid the pension contribution differently for school superintendents, not teachers. The untrue, unfair, overwhelmingly hateful propaganda that is blanketing Illinois is staggering. The infamous Jonah Edelman video from the Aspen Festival http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddtd0vt6oYE states clearly, and in detail, how big business literally purchased Illinois and Chicago politicians from both parties. The evil influence of ALEC pervades the IL legislature as it does most other states.
Why is this happening? Is big business really spending millions to help the "little guy" in Illinois? Let's face it, there is tremendous profit to be made from a new wave of teacher (and then all public employees) 401-k deposits; investment fees, advisory fees, management fees, etc. Of course, the real issue here is privatizing schools - the potential profit from charter schools is almost beyond imagination. Charter schools have no unions (so no tenure or bargaining rights) so there will be a constant supply of cheap labor, very little state oversight, and best of all, public monies (our taxes) channeled to private, for-profit corporations or non-profit organizations that pay their management Wall Street salaries. A whole new set-up (called "reform") - new contracts for all staff, textbooks and supplies, testing materials, lease of buildings, bus service, etc. And, of course, the access to tons of personal information... Again, I'm not making this up. The Walton family is even eager to put up money to build a charter school; the costs to operate the school will come solely from taxpayer dollars, of course. http://www.wbez.org/story/charter-school-agency%E2%80%99s-funding-raises-questions-94919 .
PLEASE educate your viewers and readers as to what is happening in Illinois. A "divide and conquer" strategy is injuring current and retired teachers; our working conditions, financial security, and our dignity is systematically being shredded. This is not a benefits issue; it is a revenue issue - IL big businesses are receiving tax breaks NOW, right now. This is a contractual obligation issue - teachers have paid 9.4% of all gross income; our pensions system had been written into the IL constitution. Illinois is NOT Broke. As Michael Moore often says, the money is there, it is just in the hands of a few people.
The overall picture is clear to many of us. http://teacherpoetmusicianglenbrown.blogspot.com/2012/05/funding-illinois-teachers-retirement.html
The actual solutions, omitting self-serving political machinations. are also evident to many of us. http://teacherpoetmusicianglenbrown.blogspot.com/2012/03/why-are-we-focusing-on-wrong-issue.html
PLEASE HELP US. I have much more honest information regarding IL politicians, Illinois Education Assn., Illinois Retired Teachers Assn., the media in IL, etc. if you would like it.
Thanks so much.
Ken Previti

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