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"We will not back down", "we will not be broken" - and yet we're supposed to go back to work?

Come on, union leaders - let's get this general strike moving!

David Weir

Complete lies. Working families? What about the other 90% of working families that don't get these outrages benefits? Democracy?? How can you say this when the senate has been hijacked by the 14 union goons. What a joke and I can't wait to see this bloated bureaucracy blown out of the water with the recall elections. It is time that these civil servants work for the people and not the people work for them.


David, get yourself a union.

Wanna know who you really work for?

Every ordinary working person, public and private sector, is getting screwed by the big boys. The fewer the unions, the better for them, the worse for you. Let's go in the opposite direction: more unionization, not less.

Get the general strike on!

-Non-Union Private Sector Employee


Don't give up the fight now. Back to work means they win with the illegal actions. Bring in the surrounding state Unions to stand with the workers. Maybe it's time for a National Strike before this insanity spreads fast.


The 2005 New York City TWU strike, which garnered widespread public support, all but shut down this world financial center for some 60 hours. A key strike issue was defense of the union pension for new hires, which was under attack by the bosses long before the current recessionary “budget crisis.” The workers, who had walked out in defiance of the slave-labor Taylor Law, were stabbed in the back by the leaders of other New York City unions and the TWU International leadership and, in the end, sold out by their own union misleaders. This has had a corrosive effect on the workers, breeding cynicism. Nonetheless, notwithstanding the massive fines meted out against the union and its membership under the Taylor Law, the workers kept their pension—because they struck.

This helps to illustrate why billions have been spent over the past decades to wipe out even the semblance of organized labor. Even such a minimal, if supportable, law as the Employee Free Choice Act—which would allow workers to organize through a simple card check as against the prolonged “secret ballot” procedures that give employers additional time to mobilize to crush pro-union sentiment—ignited a well-funded corporate barrage in opposition and is now all but dead. The reason is a simple calculation. Despite the sellouts of the labor tops, a unionized worker continues to make a median wage that is $200 more a week than a non-union worker.

The unions are elementary defense organizations of the working class against unbridled exploitation. The question of turning them into fighting organizations for the working class, which will take up the fight for black freedom, for immigrant rights and for the defense of those whose very lives have been written off by the exploiters and their state, is a political one. As Trotsky wrote more than 70 years ago: “The trade unions of our time can either serve as secondary instruments of imperialist capitalism for the subordination and disciplining of workers and for obstructing the revolution, or, on the contrary, the trade unions can become the instruments of the revolutionary movement of the proletariat.”

Two possible roads lie before the working class. There is the union bureaucracy’s acceptance that the workers must “sacrifice” to preserve the profits and rule of American capitalism, which has led to disaster. Or there is the class-struggle road of mobilizing the power of the working class in the necessary battles against the capitalist masters. In the course of such struggle, under a leadership that arms the working class with an understanding of the nature of capitalist society, the workers will become imbued with the consciousness of their historic interests as a class fighting for itself and for all of the oppressed. Such consciousness requires a political expression. That means the fight to build a multiracial revolutionary workers party whose purpose is not only to defend the working class against the menace of its own devastation but to rid the planet of the source of that devastation, capitalism itself, and the state that preserves it.

Remember Brothers and Sisters
“Whereas the liberals (and the union misleaders) tell the workers: ‘You are strong when you have the sympathy of “society”,’ the Marxist tells the workers something different, namely: ‘You have the sympathy of “society” when you are strong’.”


Here comes the goons:



Right to Work Petition:


Union dues Refund application:



This morning 3/11/2011; on MSNBC's Morning Joe Show, Wisconsin's Governor Walker made the comment that he and the republicans were forced to do this because "Collective bargaining does have a fiscal impact." It seems to me that I've heard that Wisconsin has an "open meeting law" and that there is a Quorum requirement for a legislative vote on issues affecting the budget. From my perspective, either Walker is a ___ liar, or he and the republicans have violated a number of laws and or their "oath of office" and they need not only to be recalled, but they should be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law to provide an example of what happens to "hooligans" that attempt to hijack the legislative process.


I am not an attorney, but If splitting the bill in this hijacking of the legislative process to get around "Senate Rule 15. Roll call, quorum" is supposedly legal because the bill as amended does not affect the budget, one has to ask where Walker was coming from this morning on the "Morning Joe Show".

However, and more importantly, there has to be a visit to the Senate rules linked to from
or directly at

It would appear to me that if the amended bill as Walker claims is no longer germane to the original intent of the original bill, then it fails to meet the requirements of:
Senate Rule 50 (8) (b)
(b) A substitute amendment or amendment adding an appropriation necessary to fulfill the original intent of a proposal.
[(1) am. 1995 S.Res. 2]
[(1) am. 1997 S.Res. 2]
[(1) to (3), (8) and (10) am. 2001 S.Res. 2]
[am. 2003 S.Res. 3]
[(6)(a) and (b) am. 2005 S.Res. 2]
[(6)(b) 1. to 4. and (c) cr. 2005 S.Res. 2]
Senate Rule 53

As a retired former member of The Communications Workers of America and of Local 1594 Carpenters I have to ask that the AFL-CIO get the legal staff to work on behalf of the affected workers, because this is only the beginning just as 1870's history lead to a demise of unions beginning with the railroad unions and 50 years later there was blood shed on the streets to regain the representation and protections provided by employees bargaining as a "collective unit".


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