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Keep it up, don't stop until they give back what they've taken.


AFL-CIO needs twitter, facebook, etc. share buttons so we can easily share and help wake up America. Main Stream Media is not reporting, or reporting negatively, and that is what people are hearing the most, not so much the truth at all is found in my searches over the last week or more. I would like to know if the media black-out of these important events is part of the so called New World Order and if this is what people can expect with appears to be a hostile take-over of American rights.

Tommy J Skiens

The Tea Party Poem
By TJ 3/28/11

We went to town hall meetings
with weapons on our hips
and right wing leaning lies
spewing from our lips

He's a black man from Kenya
and he ain't one of us
he done got educated
and he doesn't spit or cuss

He would give rights to women
and take away our guns
and make the color of his skin
the color of the sun

Now we ain't all that racist
and it's true we like NASCAR
we get our news from Faux
while drinking at the bar

We need to crush the unions
with their fancy jobs and all
so the Koch brothers can live
above the polluted mall

Friends from Oregon and Washington support you. Rock on

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Hey, great poem))

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