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Nomi Rene

This is absurd! Barring the very people he's talking about?!?


This Governor is being allowed to do whatever he wants...time to show him what happens to some one who was elected for ALL the people not just his cronies...BEWARE of the citizens who pay your salary they are being Screwed unjustly.

Diane Hedin

Here, again, is yet another example of Walker doing what he wants, when he wants with no regard to ANYONE! Wow, I didn't vote for him and I'm getting screwed!! Time for a RECALL to kick him to the curb....or show him the state border!


Wow!!! What kind of communist state are we living in?... This is absurd!!!

Kathleen Leadley

Is this the Republic of Wisconsin. You may or may not be allowed to be in the presence of KING Walker!


Everyone needs to remember what Walker and his regime are doing and/or trying to do to our wonderful state of Wisconsin. First of all we need to vote for Kloppenburg for Supreme Court Justice and get rid of Prosser. There will be several Republican Senator recalls most likely in July (just a few months)...vote for the Democrats, that's a start. Next winter brings a recall for Scotty, again vote for the Democrat and with any luck that candidate may be Russ Feingold. Then the fall of 2012 brings another election when we can swing in more Democratic Senators and Representatives. WE WILL NOT FORGET AND THEY WORK FOR US!!!!! Get the message out, tell all your friends and neighbors that we are taking back our state!!!


debra you hit the nail on the head take back wisconsin for all workers in all working sectors,i say all the unions in country call a strike for one week shut the country down and see how smart walker and his friends are


While you can ask someone to leave, can the police make them? That does not seem right.


They should have sat down. America needs to start looking up CIO and IWW tactics. Screw these facists, a non violent revolution must happen in order to regain the dignity of labor.

Joan K. Emrick

Hang on Wisconsonites. I think the country is with you and the ballot box is your friend. With any luck, Emperor Walker and his cronies will be gone by this time next year and sanity will be restored to your state.


As a (former) life long Republican, Business Owner and Tax Payer I am ashamed to even say I voted for this worthless excuse of a human being. His unethical ways and greed will be his downfall and I will be there to celebrate with all of you!

Karensue Oldenburg

Unbelieveable! Once again MPS is unfairly singled out, badmouthed and shamed!

mike niehoff

I believe we need to know the facts first before you jump on this there are two sides to every thing just as in the ads on tv they should out law the bs stuff and just tell us what they are going to do not the junk they both know is not true. and we could move this country forward with both sides working together

Dan B

This is so outrageous it is difficult to believe.


Beware anyone touting "less government". That is code for less LOCAL government. The easiest population to control is the least informed. And the least informed population has the least access to a good education.


Babies. If you don't like it MOVE!


Sounds like Walker is in the wrong country, it appears he wants a dictatorship.


Jim we are moving...to rid our state of this loser of a Governor !
we are going to take back our state, and if you dont like it, no one is making you stay.


Hope Christian School????? Separation of Church and State is gone too????

Susan licata

Scott " dead eyes" Walker is a slime bought and paid for. His children must be proud, just like Bernie Madoffs son!


Hey Jim. I guess that maybe you truly don't understand why so many of us are fighting so hard right now. It is because we love our state and many before us fought hard for what we have today. The underhanded tactics of Gov. Walker to change our state are not going to just change it for state workers, but they will change it for ALL Wisconsinites. If this can be done in Wisconsin, what is to stop it happening in other states? There IS a master plan playing out here and it has been in the works for a long time. Walker is just a pawn in this chess game. Oh, and Jim, if all of us who don't like what is going on were to leave WI, who would be here to 'serve' those that stayed behind to support Walker???


I'm confused. Were all of the people that were denied members of the press? Were all parties represented by the press? I have seen many press conferences and rarely are random observers present and for good reason. Certainly in this whole debacle human rights are being challenged, but is this really a right? I think we are getting rights and privileges a little bit confused.


Even trying to give the dictator, er, Governor the benefit of the doubt that he may have a legitimate education policy, the fact that he will not present it before educators or discuss it with educators leads to the conclusion he does not have a legitimate education policy. Legitimate policies can withstand scrutiny and questions. Generally, even if people disagree on policy they can respect the decision if it is based on open debate and careful consideration. The fact that Walker wants to do everything quickly (pass the Budget Repair Bill in a week) or secretly (Passage of the amended Budget Repair Bill on March 9 and 10) without involving the people, sadly, leads to the conclusion that something illegitimate is happening. He has hijacked our democratic process. We must take it back before it is too late!


I just read an article that was quoting Mark Jefferson....about his request for email communications between the Professor who wrote the article on Walker and a list of others. Here are my thoughts!

"The Wisconsin Republican Party doesn’t need to explain its request, its executive director" Mark Jefferson, said in a statement.

“Taxpayers have a right to accountable government and a right to know if public officials are conducting themselves in an ethical manner,” Jefferson said.

How can he say that out of one side of his A$$ and not think he and his Republican Puppet not have to do the same?? I cannot believe he was able to get that statement out of his mouth without choking on the words.

As a (former) life long Republican, Business Owner and Tax Payer, I am ashamed that I even voted for this corrupt and worthless excuse of a human being to lead my Wisconsin. I have recommitted my donations to his recall efforts and will celebrate his downfall.

Looking forward to getting an ethical, EDUCATED, law abiding and respected leader in office and repairing the devastation and divide they have created in the name of greed. Shame on you.

Enjoy it while you can Scotty.


Wow you people are brainwashed. If the unions told you to jump in a river you would all line up with your signs and jump in? Look at the source here and realize the unions are going to say anything to save themselves.

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