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we may have to make this same visit to Rick Scott in Tallahassee!!!

Lee Grater

GO Go Go , if you need help we can bring our motorhome. Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead.


It's great to see the global pro democracy protests spread to Wisconsin.

David James

Indiana workers, who are facing the same assault from the far right, stand in solidarity with the workers--hand and brain--of Wisconsin. WE are proud of your militancy. Don't back down. This will grow. "In our hands is placed the power greater than their hoarded gold."


If a similar activity is organized in Chicago, I'll be there. Sure hope this movement spreads nationwide.

P & J

We are closely watching in California - hold strong and know that you have a majority of the country behind you! Wish we could be there, but have to work at a nonunion job making 25% of what I was making as a teamster.

P & J

Joe martin

Message from wi pick up picket sign and keep pushing this issue I your own town. This is about busting union that is it! When where under attack what do we do we fight back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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