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Godspeed to all unionists fighting this menace to humanity! I am a retired letter carrier and NALC member in NY, and would love to hear from NALC members who are demonstrating their solidarity with the people under attack in Wisconsin. Hope you are there, we need to stand with our brother and sister unions!

Joe martin

I was wondering where the protest is in milwaukee today?

Joe Martin

Local 695

Peter Perry

I sent this to my legislators, and to Isthmus and the State Journal:

Dear Governor Walker:

Governor, as a part-time state worker, I have just found out that your sneak attack on state workers includes taking away health coverage for half-timers. At age 62, what am I supposed to do?

I don’t think most people, possibly including some legislators, are even aware of this provision. I believe that you knew that the only way to get your “repair” bill through would be to use brute force to get it passed before anyone could grasp what was in it.

Raising the health care contribution for state workers is painful, very painful for some of us, but it’s at least understandable. But breaking the union in this unprecedented fashion is simply wrong. And deliberately rushing passage to the degree that we barely know what is hitting us (not to mention making some provisions retroactive) is unconscionable.

Winning the election is not, contrary to your apparent opinion, a mandate to unleash the forces of reaction onto an unsuspecting state. Elections do have consequences, but massive changes such as the ones you propose deserve to be debated. I think you know that, if you allowed this measure to be fully examined and discussed, it would not pass.

Congratulations, sir. You have set the record for overspending your political capital in record time. You will be running huge popularity and influence deficits for the remainder of your term. Get used to it.

Julia Kleppin

Gov. Walker is amazing! We thought he was elected governor but he thinks he was elected to be King.

The governor and republican legislature are astonishing. They say everyone must share the cost of balancing the budget but "everyone" means to them the middle class and the poor. Big business must be "other", as some pay no taxes at all (Kimberly Clark.) And bankers are still getting huge bonuses.

Isn't it incredible that in this land of the FREE, the republicans can pass one piece of legislation making collective bargaining illegal. And they can criticize how Muslims treat women but they want to prevent women here from being in charge of their own bodies. Yet they complain bitterly how government intrudes in our lives and takes away our freedom.

Wisconsinites pay great attention to the Brewers and the Packers but what about their government? Isn't it really astonishing, amazing and incredible how easily Walker and his crew have fooled so many Wisconsinites?
Have a nice day..........

Larry Daken

Governor Walker...Do you really think taxpayers, and that is all of us except the few wealthy and corporate you pander to, can be convinced that your budget fix bill will really solve anything? What about the theft of middle class taxpayer assets and rights. What about the "trickle down" effect of less spending as a result of the transfer of assets of the majority? I'm sure you understand and you just want to appease the corporations in Wisconsin. Do you believe this will encourage others to want to live and work here? Wisconsin workers understand that this asset grab will result in many other job losses. Those would be all legislatures that have supported your bad plan. Good Luck, Another Taxpayer.

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Do i really have the sense of mourning the loss of my youth and confusing about my future?

Joe martin

Scott walker is a prick. Don't waste your time with letters grab a picket sign and hit the streets!!!!

Kim Schauske

I don't know who this Scott Walker thinks he is ,but he has just ticked off a WHOLE lot of people in WI. He just started something
but we will finish IT!

Marion Kay Zinn

Has anyone noticed that all state union workers pay there shair of taxes the same as everyone elce. If Mr. Walker had asked us to take a cut we would have considered it but he has used his great wisdom to decide that we dont need our right to bargan. If we give us this right what will be next. The right to free speach, the rigth to protest, the right to hold arms, the right to practice religon. Mr Walker needs to take a good look at what he is doing. Our Mato if FORWARD. Maybe Mr Walker needs to look up the meaning of this word

Barbara Denfeld

Those of us who worked under Scott Walker in Milwaukee are probably less shocked than workers in the rest of the state. Our union had to take him to court and we won because he doesn't know the meaning of negotiation. His "my way or the highway" way of doing things is only starting unless we do the only thing that works with polititions who won't listen-RECALL. Next time a Republican tells you government is too big think about what it is they are really saying. One man rule is small government but is that what we want?

char stratton

I want to know if the state cuts go ALL the way to the TOP? I know the Feds aways excempt themselves from Cuts. So are the Gov . Represenatives taking a cut too , or is this just for the others who work for the state. this needs to be answered in this protest too. What about the research stations and the researchers. What about the professors and Deans of Colleges? Are they getting cut too?


Collective Bargaining 101.



Spoiled kids and capitalism:



"While many Americans still believe that the main source of economic benefits is a combination of work, ingenuity and risk taking, along with simple notions of supply and demand (commonly known as free market principles—once believed extinct until live specimens were recently found in China), Europeans have been taught since about the end of WW II that the government is where all money, jobs and benefits come from. Some of them also reportedly believe government is where babies come from and where people go when they die."


As anyone with gout can tell you, this is not pleasant.






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