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Blu-Ray to Galaxy Tab Ripper for Mac may be the must-have tool you'll need to rip, convert Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab supported video format (H. 264 HD, H. 264, MPEG-4) and audio (AAC, M4A, MP3) files, you can watch Bluray movie (. m2ts) on Galaxy Tab wherever and whenever you intend to. Blu-Ray to Galaxy Tab Ripper for Mac is super easy-to-use and may convert Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab at high-speed while preserving original HD quality.

Along with exceptional Blu-Ray to Galaxy Tab conversion performance, Blu-Ray to Galaxy Tab Ripper for Mac also provides you with the opportunity to capture Blu-ray movie pictures, trim Bluray movie segments, split up and join videos, crop movie pictures, attach picture/text watermarks, apply various artistic effects, set various conversion parameters, among other wonderful features. By using this Mac Blu-Ray to Galaxy Tab Ripper Converter, converting Blu-ray movies to Galaxy Tab videos and making customized videos for the Samsung Galaxy Tab never been very easy!

To sum up, Mac Blu-Ray to Galaxy Tab Ripper is a good Blu-ray Ripper for Galaxy Tab, Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab Converter that convert, rip Bluray movie onto Samsung Galaxy Tab. Bluray to Galaxy Tab ripper for Mac can also be a Bluray movie Editor for Mac.

Options that come with Bluray to Galaxy Tab Ripper/Converter for Mac

* Rip Blu-ray movies (M2TS) to iPad videos (H. 264 HD, H. 264, MPEG-4)

* Rip Blu-ray soundtracks to iPad audio (AAC, M4A, MP3)

* Extract Blu-ray movie pictures in BMP, GIF, JPEG, or PNG format

* Clip, split up, merge videos, crop movie pictures, attach watermarks, apply artistic effects, set conversion parameters, plus much more

How exactly to Rip a Blu-ray movie in order to see on my Galaxy Pad? and how exactly to using Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab Ripper for Mac?

Step one: Click BD/DVD Folder or IFO File to load your Blu-ray or DVD files

Once files are loaded, you are able to click ViewMode to determine either ripping by chapters or ripping by m2ts files.

2: Select an Galaxy Tab compatible format as output format

Click on the pull down menu at the alternative side of Format, after which tap iPad profile. See, you will find three formats especially created for iPad, you are able to select any one of these freely.

Step three: Adjust audio and video parameters

Click Settings button, and also you are permitted to adjust video and audio parameters including codec, Size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, and audio channels on the popup window as below. Actually, all of the default settings can ensure an ideal output quality for watching in your Galaxy Tab, so frankly speaking, you needn't change them at all.

Step four: Click Convert button to begin Blu-ray/DVD ripping.

So long as the ripping work is completed, you are able to click Open? button to obtain the output files. What you ought to do next is simply syncing the files to your Galaxy Tab. Watch Bluray movie in your Samsung Galaxy Tab now.

Cite: Convert video to Galaxy Tab on Mac using Galaxy Tad Video Converter for Mac


Probably the most seen scenario is that hard disk drives have reputation as devices destined to fail. Hard disk drive failure is all the occurred when something permanently damaged. Hard disk failures usually bring horrible scraping or unusual sounds

Do not feel both hands tightly tangled up due to hard disk crash for such situations hard disk drive recovery computer software is really a about time call.

? Data Deletion: Deleted pictures is one the scenario of losing data from hard disk, they may be personal photos, or other things. Seeing devastating data is something hard to think, pictures may be deleted from hard disk or from camera's memory, to recuperate lost pictures, hard disk drive recovery computer software is really a requirement to recuperate deleted files from Facts or every other hard disk.

? Hacker Access: Hacker can damage data stored in hard disk and will bring serious and larger harm to data. It may even end up getting stealing of data.

? Virus Attacks in hard disk: Virus can infect hard disk data in pen drive, Facts, and so on. Suppose you took data in pen drive from malware infected data, your complete data stored in pen drive result in failure and you have to execute pen drive recovery.

? Power Failure: Power failure can also be the reason for losing data from hard disk, which does occur because of high power consumption

Natural Disasters:

? Fire: If fires are caught from anywhere and be out to manage, then hard disk drives will probably cause, after which there was probability of losing data from hard disk, clearly direct cause to data stored inside them.

? Water: Floods can damage all of the physical assets not really abandoning computer, therefore it may possibly damage data stored in hard disk drives like FAT and NTFS. A drop of water cause damage of hard disk drives

? Earthquake: Earthquakes cause physical harm to hard disk data and data stored in hard disk become useless. Hence, hard disk drive recovery computer software is needed. Other Reasons of Losing Hard disk Data:

? Sudden head and surface crash of disk

? Pollution inside hard disk drives

? Bad sectors

? Internal defect in hard disk drives

? Power outage

? Hard disk formatting

Routine Events that Bring Hard disk Failure:

? Just in case, when hard disk is left in unused state for very long time

? When hard disk drives are utilized usually

Hard disk drive Recovery Computer software: For recovering hard disk from various devices like pen drive, Facts, and so on, just take help from outside solution like Hard disk Data Recovery computer software. Computer software is supportive on most Windows editions and therefore recover deleted files Vista and from other Windows editions too. It's also possible to recuperate data from any hard disk failure situation. Computer software easily execute data card recovery, hence this actionable solution can comfortably with any hard disk device.

Article resource: Hard Disk Recovery Software to revamp ill Hard Drive Data


The HP F4180 All-in-One InkJet Printer has a range of home-office functionalities, including the capability to scan and copy documents. The built-in scanning unit on a HP F4180 is effective at scanning documents at resolutions as high as 1200 x 2400 ppi; by running these scanned pictures through the included computer software, resolutions as high as 19200 ppi is possible. The F4180 can generate 48-bit color or 8-bit greyscale documents and it has a maximum scan size of 8. 5 x 11. 7 inches. Scanning documents together with your HP F4180 is really a straightforward procedure; simply follow the guidelines below.

Switch on the HP F4180 as well as your computer. Enhance the lid of the scanner and place your document on the glass, face down. Align the corner of one's document with the left front corner of the glass. Close the lid. Open the HP Solutions Program from the beginning Menu or your Desktop; if you don't have the program installed, you are able to down load an installer from the HP web site (see Resources below). Click the tab for the F4180. If you're scanning a picture, click the Scan Picture button; if you're scanning a text document, click the Scan Document button. The Scan Options screen will now open; click the down arrow to reveal a summary of available alternatives. Pick a destination for the scanned image. Select a extendable to truly save your image as. Click the Scan button. Consult the preview window; out of this window you are able to crop or rotate the image and make adjustments to its brightness, sharpness and saturation. Make any changes you deem necessary and click Accept. Your scanned image will now be saved to the previously-selected destination folder.

Resource: How to Use an HP Scanner F4180

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